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“[OppGen] provided almost twice the number of leads for our clinic at about half the price…”

Seeking More Seminar Attendees
As a regenerative medical practice located in Anchorage, Alaska, Northwest Pain Relief Centers recognized they had to evaluate new patient generation strategies in order quickly increase new attendees for their monthly stem cell seminars. They tried various other marketing programs, including full-page newspaper ads, that made lots of promises but ultimately never produced the results the practice needed to sustain growth.

Higher Quality Performance with OppGen
Having tried stem cell marketing programs from other partners in the past with no success, Dr. Larry Miggins was tired of dealing with the lack of seminar attendees and new patient consultations.

After hearing about the OppGen Stem Cell Seminar Program, Dr. Miggins decided to try a digital advertising program one more time. He felt confident in the OppGen program due to its ability to target higher quality prospects who were interested in learning more about regenerative treatment and located near his practice. Dr. Miggins also trusted OppGen’s knowledge of the medical space and large network of similar regenerative therapy clinic clients. Based on recommendations from OppGen, Dr. Miggins started with two stem cell seminars per month.

Immediate Practice Growth from Digital Campaigns
As a result of partnering with OppGen, Northwest Pain Relief Centers was able to generate a substantial increase in Stem Cell seminar attendees and consultations. Due to the success of his seminars, Dr. Miggins has been able to grow his regenerative therapy practice month-over-month. Northwest Pain Relief Centers has also ramped up seminars to three per month in order to help even more patients around the Anchorage area.



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