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Built To Outperform

OppGen is a team of experienced professionals who came together to form a company built on performance. Our team’s backgrounds include leadership roles in finance, sales, marketing, and development.

Our team’s unique combination of skillsets enable us to apply our real-world experiences to your campaign. How can you expect success from someone who only understands marketing? You cannot.


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Average Client ROI


Successful Clients


Strategic Campaigns You Can Afford

Originally, OppGen was created as a strategic lead generation company for organizations that offered high value products and services.

As we evolved, we developed ways to offer our highly strategic lead generation programs to smaller businesses who operate in defined locations.

This “network” of specialized businesses in multiple locations allows us to then gain critical industry knowledge, resulting in the most-effective lead generation program available.


Challenging Misconceptions

You need higher clickthrough rates and a larger budget. Why?
You should only run PPC or SEO, not both. Huh?
You can’t track sales from digital channels. Um, what?

These statements are false. Guess what, you don’t always want higher clickthrough rates. More unqualified clicks just means more wasted ad spend. You should be investing in targeted landing pages for your paid traffic. And yes, you can track opportunities and sales generated from digital channels.

If we never asked ourselves “why” then we would never be able to create such effective specialized digital programs for you.

We understand all clients have misconceptions of their industries, especially as it pertains to digital marketing. As a partner, it is our job to challenge you in order for us to develop the best performing digital campaigns possible.

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