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Navigating The Digital Landscape

nationally-recognized digital agency

OppGen is a national award-winning digital marketing agency that was formed by experts spanning financial, digital, development, and sales sectors who set out with the goal of building better solutions to digital campaign management.

It became quickly apparent that the biggest issue many larger businesses faced was effectively navigating complex internal digital transformations. We help address this challenge by implementing innovative digital channel strategies, better customer experiences, and progressive data tracking.

As a result of partnering with OppGen and leveraging our unique digital solutions, many enterprises ultimately see a lift in better quality leads and much higher ROI than what a typical digital agency can provide.

Enterprise Paid Search

Our Columbus team of paid search experts feature a strong business-to-business background. We know the importance of aligning your sales and marketing goals to construct and execute an effective paid search advertising strategy.

The goal of every paid search marketing campaign we build is to attract targeted opportunities at an efficient acquisition cost for your business. Driving unqualified traffic does nothing but waste your team’s time and money. Our strategic paid search strategies ensure you’re targeting the right prospect, at the right time, to efficiently capture their attention.

OppGen is recognized as a top Google partner in the country, earning Premier Partner status for sustained client revenue growth and our exceptional client base.

Google AdWords Premier Partner

As a Google Premier Partner for Search, Mobile, and Display, our team must meet higher levels of qualification, training, and support than other agencies. We have been hand-selected by Google, and are trained and supported by Google.

Bing Ads / Microsoft Ad Partner

Bing Partners provide high quality service, technology and online marketing expertise to clients so that they achieve the best results with Bing Ads. The Bing Ads team provides our team with additional support, service, and solutions to marketing and advertising to ensure our clients can succeed.

Social Ads for Brands

As the digital space continues to evolve, social media has become the fastest growing channel to acquire new customers. Your marketing team probably understands social media is no longer just for baby pictures and cat videos anymore. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have matured into viable marketing channels critical to your marketing mix. Paid social advertising can now be leveraged to shape perceptions, trigger emotions, and guide purchasing decisions.

Our social media advertising solutions can generate immediate results at a more efficient acquisition cost. We connect your products or services to tens of thousands of people based on who they are, where they are, and what they like.

Through strategic social engagement we can potentially anticipate your prospects’ needs, reaching them before they have had a chance to reach out to your competitors or search online. Also, since costs per click and impression are lower, you can reach more people than you could advertising on other channels.

Social Channel Strategy

Our social experts work with your team to better understand your current business goals, then develop a unique channel strategy that provides strategic recommendations for which social channels your ad budget will best utilized.

Ad Design & Creation

Outsourcing ad design and development can be expensive, and we realize not every business has in-house designers or understand the many ad restrictions associated with each channel. With that in mind, many of our social solutions include amazing looking social ads spanning multiple formats that align with your brand and are designed specifically for the social channels your strategy calls for.

Social Retargeting

In a perfect world, all of your prospects would sign up or buy on their first visit. This simply is not the case. Buyers spend more time now than ever educating themselves on their options. Therefore, it’s critical to stay in front of prospects where they are online. Our social ad retargeting strategies will help them take that next step from consideration to conversion.

YouTube / video ads

Did you know over 55% of people watch videos online every day (MWP)? What better way to stand out and grab your prospects’ attention than by promoting videos of your product or service on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Scalable Programmatic Display

Our programmatic display strategies are a complete awareness and demand generation solution for national businesses. Using multiple formats such as banner ads, rich media, and video and social posts, we can reach your target audiences on millions of websites.

Buyer behaviors for mid- to large-market businesses are shifting with people constantly connected to their phones, computers or other devices, using them to research products/services long before a buying decision is made. As a business, it is now more important than ever to target these potential customers at different stages in the sales funnel.

Our programmatic advertising solutions can generate interest through multi-channel device coverage while still being able to build and track a cohesive journey. Optimizing segments of that journey and improving engagement is one of the many ways we streamline the process of moving prospects down the marketing funnel.

Digital Addressable

An excellent way to reach customers is to target their physical locations. This can be accomplished through digital addressable IP targeting. Unlike the most common “cookie-based” targeting, IP targeting uses an algorithm to match users directly through their internet connections at their homes or offices.

Interest-Based Display Ads

Web properties such as Google and Facebook know a great deal about their users. At OppGen, we gather and analyze that information to become hyper-targeted towards your ideal customers. If an internet user is interested in a product that’s related or directly competing with yours, we have the ability to make them start thinking about your brand.

Custom Audiences

Our digital experts source and build custom audiences using a combination of your internal customer data and comprehensive third-party consumer data sources that then get distributed across programmatic advertising platforms.

Enterprise SEO Services and Strategic Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are essential for growth in today’s digital landscape.

Our enterprise SEO services help businesses expand and grow their organic reach, visibility, traffic, and business through proactive, best-practice SEO and strategic content marketing.

What sets our SEO services apart from other agencies is our focus on creating and optimizing for business-relevant, high purchase-intent organic keywords and traffic first. We focus on getting measurable results, with quality traffic that has the highest likelihood of converting to quality leads and new businesses.

Most SEO agencies focus on increasing total traffic, which may look good on a report, but often leads enterprises (like yours) wasting a lot of time on fielding low-quality lead and phone calls.

We are industry leaders in creating performance strategic content for our clients.

Our team leverages content and ranking intelligence software to give us an edge on your competition and develop customized strategies that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Click below to learn more about our Enterprise SEO Services and Content Marketing.

Modern, Adaptable Design

Every site we design and develop is built on the latest development platforms in order to offer total flexibility, shorter page load times, and multi-device responsiveness.

Conversion Optimization

Our creative team works closely with our lead generation strategy team to ensure all sites feature extensive conversion rate testing and latest industry best practices. Once built, your site will continue to evolve as we collect campaign data and sales team feedback.

Prospect Positioning

Every website or landing page designed for our campaigns begins with a client strategy session. This strategic discussion allows our team to better understand your current customer journey, best customers, products, etc. and then create highly targeted messaging built to convert new prospects into appointments.

Lead Tracking / Attribution

Our sites all feature extensive end-to-end lead tracking and click attribution. Through our propitiatory tracking systems, we can gather intelligence on web lead data, phone call data, demographics, prospect paths, and more.

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