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Get Better PPC Results with Our Paid Search Agency

A lot more goes into effective paid search than simply managing a budget and driving traffic.

The OppGen Marketing team features a strong business-to-business background. We know the importance of integrating with your sales and marketing departments to fully understand your business goals. 

This gives our experienced team of paid search marketers and analysts the ability to construct and execute a strategy to attract targeted opportunities at an efficient acquisition cost.

Driving unqualified traffic just wastes your money. 

Our strategic paid search strategies ensure you’re targeting the right prospect, at the right time, to efficiently capture their attention.

Meeting with a paid search agency

Paid Search Services that Target More Qualified Prospects

SEM agencies target visitors based upon what they think will create a lead. We target prospects based on what we know will create a sales opportunity.

Anyone can drive unqualified leads. We use specialized landing pages and knowledge of what leads actually convert to sales to improve

  • Lead quality
  • Conversion rates 
  • ROI from your PPC campaign

Your run-of-the-mill PPC agencies or big-box digital marketing agency will stop before this step.

We keep going. We leverage pay-per-click platforms and targeted PPC ads to drive qualified leads to your business—that your salespeople will love.

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Audience Targeting

Target prospects and anticipate their needs based on demographic and psychographic data. Our experts work with your team to determine specific audiences according to your customers’ interests, whether they’re searching for home repair, pet sitters, etc.

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Mobile Pay Per Click Search Ads

Reach your customers while they’re on the go with ads on mobile devices. People no longer search for services and products strictly in the office. If you’re not targeting your prospects when they’re online, you’re missing out on potential business.

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Contextual Display Ads

Through dynamic contextual ad targeting, our team is able to match paid search ads to relevant sites in the Display Network using relevant keywords and topics. This allows us to further the reach of your campaigns and target prospects when they’re viewing sites closely aligned with your offering.

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In-Market Search Ads

In-market paid search targeting aims at reaching prospects who are getting ready to make a purchase. We are able to target these consumers based on an analysis of intent signals such as recent search queries and website browsing activity.

OppGen: An Award-Winning PPC Company

2022 clutch award ohio

A Clutch 2023 Top PPC Marketing Agency 

In 2023, Clutch named OppGen one of the top PPC marketing agencies in the state of Ohio. Our team has also demonstrated industry-leading services and results in various aspects of digital marketing, in both paid search marketing and organic search engine marketing:  


Google AdWords Partner for PPC Services

As a Google Partner for Search, Mobile, and Display, OppGen meets higher levels of qualification, training, and support than other agencies.

Bing Ads Partner for Paid Search

Bing Ads Partners provide high quality service, technology, and online marketing expertise to clients so that they achieve the best results with Bing Ads. The Bing Ads team provides OppGen with additional support, service, and solutions to marketing and advertising to ensure our clients can succeed.

A Proven Track Record of PPC Results

OppGen has an extensive track record of delivering quantifiable results for our PPC clients.

In fact…

95% of our clients came to us after working with another agency.


Because we produce better results by focusing on what happens during the customer journey and sales process in order to gather intelligence, analytics insights, and data from actual sales outcomes.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact OppGen today and to learn more about our outsource PPC services and organic partner program.

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