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Customer Success Stories

By partnering with OPPGEN, CONCI has been able to effectively increase their marketing investment online while reducing their digital lead acquisition costs by 50%. OPPGEN has also generated over 52 new leads a month for their OPTIFAST® program. As CONCI continues ramping up digital marketing, we expect even more exponential growth for their clinics.

GBM Law, a personal injury law firm, specializes in one of the most expensive and competitive legal segments. With some help from OppGen, GBM Law was able to run a more affordable paid search campaign and rank organically for target keywords, leading to a 54% decrease in cost per lead.

By partnering with OppGen, Pelotonia added over 100 new registrants for its cycling fundraiser from a paid social campaign and saw a 446% return on ad spend from merchandise sales.

See how BrewDog USA was able to drive over 8,000 attendees to their largest annual festival through digital advertising.

Lifelong Metabolic Center, a weight loss clinic, was in a highly competitive location where quick fixes and fads beat out professionally owned and operated clinics like theirs. In order to succeed in this market, Lifelong Metabolic Center needed a digital marketing company that was familiar with the industry and could deliver results. OppGen’s full marketing suite brought an 80% lift in Lifelong Metabolic Center’s revenue.

By partnering with OppGen, The Performance Center Men’s Clinic was able to generate a substantial increase in appointments and patient bookings. Shortly after launching, the clinic was setting 50-60 appointments with new patients a month. Within a year of running the program, their clinic had doubled revenue thanks in large part to the OppGen medical clinic program.

While evaluating various lead generation programs, Low T 99 was drawn to the OppGen medical clinic program due to its ability to target higher quality prospects who were interested in immediate treatment and located near their clinic.

Within 2 hours of launching OppGen’s wholesale real estate program, Bros Buy Houses received a proposal that was projected to net them $15,000 in profit. Thanks to this program, the wholesale real estate business also averaged 15+ quality leads per month and saw an 807% ROI.

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