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AEP Energy increases monthly enrollments by 75%.

See how AEP Energy utilized paid search and programmatic display advertising to greatly reduce cost per enrollment while increasing overall brand awareness online.


The marketing team at AEP Energy was tasked with reducing the current direct cost per enrollment and increasing the company’s online brand awareness.

A major challenge AEP Energy faces is the drastic fluctuation in energy rates that have the propensity to change on a monthly basis. The constant fluctuations in energy rate prices have a large impact on customer enrollments. In order to effectively drive more enrollments, AEP Energy needs to dynamically display current rate savings to entice new potential enrollees to signup.

Digital Strategy
OppGen and AEP Energy developed a strategic paid search campaign that leverages monthly price savings by zip code for each utility. In markets where AEP Energy offered a competitive rate savings, the digital investment was appropriated to capture more prospects.

In addition to leveraging the monthly rate savings for each utility, AEP Energy expanded their reach into programmatic display. The display campaigns utilized a variety of audience lists through third-party data providers to create highly targeted audience segments. Various ad creative such as HTML5, video, and static display ads were created by AEP’s marketing team, then A/B tested monthly to find the best performing ad type for each campaign.

As a result of partnering with OppGen, AEP Energy witnessed an incremental brand lift while generating 75% are monthly enrollments and reducing cost per enrollment by 45%.


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Programmatic Display
Paid Search
Audience Development


Acquired 75% more monthly enrollments while reducing cost per enrollment by 45%.

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