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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a type of digital advertising that uses ad tech, software, and algorithms to purchase digital media ad space. This type of advertising is used to target a specific audience and deliver the right message at the right time. It automates the placement, optimization, reporting, and buying and selling of online ads, sometimes from a single management platform.

Programmatic advertising helps marketers save time and money from ad spend by streamlining processes and providing more accurate targeting capabilities.

OppGen, a programmatic advertising agency, can target audiences on millions of websites using programmatic advertising.

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Why Do You Need a Programmatic Advertising Agency? 

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Generate Large Scale Awareness with Programmatic Campaigns

Every prospect interacts with a brand multiple times before turning into a paying customer. Our programmatic display advertising solution works to reach potential customers who meet demographic and psychographic attributes that are ideal for your brand. By leveraging a variety of audiences and publishers, we get your messaging in front of the right people at the right time to inform them of the solutions and services you provide. 

Our in-house social media advertising experts work to get a robust understanding of the brand’s target audience and current business goals. Whether those goals are to increase brand awareness or simply expand your digital reach, the OppGen team will provide strategic recommendations for where your ad budget is best utilized.

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Get Ads in Front of Customers at Every Stage of The Marketing Funnel

Buyer behavior is drastically different than it was a few years ago. It continues to evolve today with people constantly connected to their phones, computers, or other devices as they use them to research products/services long before a buying decision is made. As a business, it is now more important than ever to stay in front of these potential customers throughout their journey.

Programmatic advertising can generate interest through multi-channel device coverage while still being able to build and track a cohesive journey. Optimizing segments of that journey and improving engagement is one of the many ways we streamline the process of moving prospects down the marketing funnel.

Through engagement on a variety of display channels, we can potentially anticipate your prospects’ needs, reaching them before they have had a chance to reach out to your competitors or search online.

Proprietary Data Activation and Targeting Based on Physical Location

Web properties, such as Google and Facebook, know a great deal about their users. At OppGen, we gather and analyze key takeaways from your campaign data to become hyper-targeted toward your ideal customers. If an internet user is interested in a product related to or directly competing with yours, we have the ability to make them start thinking about your brand.

An excellent way to reach customers is to target their physical locations. This can be accomplished through a one-of-a-kind targeting approach known as digital addressable IP targeting, a dynamic way of targeting audiences and delivering ads based on their physical locations.

Unlike cookie-based targeting, IP targeting uses an algorithm to match users directly through their internet connections at their homes or offices. IP targeting allows marketers to serve ads to their prospects on 90% of the ad inventory available on the internet including placements available on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and more. 

Using Programmatic Advertising Platforms: Cross Platform Ads

The development of advertisements on multiple media sources allows OppGen’s advertisers to reach potential leads in their most responsive areas as well as continue the process of moving them down your sales and marketing funnels to bring our clients the most success.

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Programmatic Advertising Solutions and Programmatic Ad Formats

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Programmatic Display Ads

Using real-time automated buying and selling technology to bid on digital ad buying platforms, ad exchanges, and ad networks, we can leverage the best display placements at the right time for the right audience through programmatic display advertising.

Display advertising uses digital media such as images and text and can come in several sizes. The most well-known example of a display ad is a banner ad, which is most effective in remarketing campaigns. Based on your specific browsing history and brand purchase data, a remarketing campaign can be an effective method to remind users to complete an unfinished action, such as checking out a purchase on a website.

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Programmatic Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness. Image and text ads are most widely used in digital advertising, but videos allow marketers to be able to deliver the brand’s message directly to the consumer.

Using channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other video placements on the Google Display Network, we make sure your audience fully understands the message your brand is trying to portray.

Choose the Best Programmatic Advertising Company

There are many programmatic advertising companies you could choose from, but you want to choose the best programmatic advertising company to run your programmatic campaigns.

Experience in Multiple Digital Advertising Platforms

Unlike programmatic agencies that focus solely on this type of search advertising, OppGen’s experiences in other digital marketing and ad platforms outside the programmatic space give us insight and campaign data that the top programmatic advertising companies and marketing agencies overlook.

Emphasis on Customer Data and Conversion Attribution

Our marketing campaigns base their strategies on customer data and technology such as end-to-end lead attribution. It is imperative for us to understand the customer journey so we can continue to improve and optimize your programmatic campaigns to achieve the best results possible.

Holistic Approach to Programmatic Digital Advertising

Our digital agency solutions involve holistic marketing campaigns that take the big picture into account, leveraging programmatic ads along with other methods of buying paid media such as Google Ads and social media advertising.

Ready to Hire a Programmatic Advertising Agency?

OppGen Marketing, a digital advertising agency, runs more effective ad campaigns across multiple platforms and advertising spaces, making us a top contender among programmatic ad agencies.

To learn more about our programmatic advertising services, contact us today.


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