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What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

woman looks at organic search results page to see where her client ranks

Organic search engine optimization, often referred to as search engine optimization or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy used to increase a website’s organic search rankings for its highest value keywords. 

The goal of SEO is to achieve steady growth in qualified, organic traffic over time, in order to produce more leads or sales.

Our team of SEO experts has produced successful SEO and content marketing campaigns with businesses across a wide variety of industries and verticals––ranging from local to international businesses. 

If you’re looking to strengthen the growth of your business online, SEO will be a critical component to its success in the long run.

Contact OppGen’s organic SEO experts to learn how our SEO campaign can get your website to the top of organic search results.

Why Hire an Organic SEO Agency?

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Enhance Your Business’ Visibility in Search Results

If you’re like any business that has an online presence, you want your website to show up at the very top of the search engine results page.

When it comes down to it, working with an SEO company should enhance the visibility of your business online. 

Your website should be able to be found wherever your target audience is searching, which is on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Our SEO strategy brings your business out of the dark and into the spotlight where customers can easily discover your website.

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Increase Your Search Rankings

95% of search traffic goes to the first-page results on Google and other search engines (1).

The first page is where it counts most. This is where keyword rankings become critical. 

Our team will help you identify the most important keywords related to your business and work relentlessly toward securing the highest possible top search positions for them.

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Grow Your Business

The formula is straightforward—better visibility and higher search rankings result in more leads. 

As an organic SEO agency that specializes in lead generation, our approach to SEO is always to focus on how it results in overall lead growth.

What Do Organic SEO Services Include?

Every SEO strategy our organic SEO company creates for our clients revolves around a four-part approach:

technical seo site speed icon by freepik

1. Technical SEO

If your website isn’t fast and responsive, it can pose major problems for your business down the road, if not already. 

Even if your website has outstanding optimized content, it will struggle to rank if your website takes an eternity to load. 

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, your SEO results will be even worse. 

That’s why the first phase of our strategy starts with taking care of technical issues that are holding your website back from reaching its SEO potential.

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2. Local SEO

Unless your business is a national brand that serves the entire country, most businesses will need to rank high in their local search results first to efficiently grow their business. 

For example, if your business is located in Columbus, Ohio (where we are), you want your website to rank on the first page for customers currently searching in Columbus.

No matter where you are, it’s important that your business’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) are listed in relevant local directories––especially Google My Business––where customers can find you and learn about your business.

Our local SEO strategy tackles this and many more local components to ensure your business remains competitive on search engine rankings within your own market.

on-page seo icon by freepik

3. On-Page SEO

While some people still believe this is as easy as throwing a website together and stuffing pages with certain keywords, that’s not how search engines work. 

Although it is important to include strategic keywords throughout your content, over-saturating pages and reducing readability will actually hurt your SEO.

Modern on-page SEO means crafting relevant, detailed content that’s valuable to your target audience. 

Search engines understand web pages much more like a human now, which means you don’t need to constantly overuse the same keyword to improve your ranking..

Organic search algorithms are far more sophisticated now.

It does, however, mean that you need someone who can identify content opportunities for you via analytics and competitive intelligence.

That’s where our SEO specialists and content writers come into play to create a consumer-first, goal-driven content marketing strategy to increase your organic visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

off-page seo icon by freepik

4. Off-Page SEO

In order for new prospects and customers to read your awesome content and learn more about your business, you need to spread the word. 

So how does that happen? Through link building, social sharing, and positive reviews.

Link building refers to any links on other websites that point back to your own website. 

These links are an indication to search engines that your content is helpful, credible, and meaningful.

When people share your content on social media and leave positive reviews, it paints a better picture of what your website is about and how authoritative it is, especially in comparison to your competition.

How We Track, Measure, & Report Organic Website Traffic & Metrics

The best organic SEO services involve data-driven SEO tactics — something many other marketing agencies fall short of using in their organic search engine optimization services.

That’s why OppGen’s comprehensive SEO services provide monthly reports using data and insights from both long-standing, industry-standard SEO tools and innovative content-intelligence software. 

These tools and our experience in organic marketing give us the power to deliver the best possible SEO results:

organic search agency's Google analytics results

Live Dashboard

Our SEO team builds custom dashboards for every client that displays all the important data you need to understand your website’s performance.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the gold standard for capturing and storing data on your website’s performance.

Although there are similar tools out there, Google Analytics can easily connect with other platforms like Google Search Console and SEMrush, to give us deeper insights into your organic performance and what we can do to improve it.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides specific data, such as the search queries that triggered your website to show, how much visibility you’re getting for those keywords, and how often users clicked on your website for a specific search term. 

These data points are vital in understanding what keywords your target audience is searching for and how we can improve our optimization for our highest-performing keywords.

SEO Success Stories


We created an SEO strategy for GBM Law. We started with a strong foundation: building a new website for search visibility. A faster, better-organized site is more likely to be listed at the top of searches. But these improvements wouldn’t keep the law firm on the best listing positions forever.

OppGen worked with GBM Law to learn what their key offers were, and used the information to research keywords and search queries prospective clients that needed these services might enter into the search bar. As part of our organic SEO strategy, OppGen created new content and optimized existing content targeting those keywords to drive organic search traffic.

Thanks to the combined efforts of OppGen’s SEO and PPC services, GBM Law saw a sizeable increase in the total number of cases and leads — and that growth has only continued over the years.

GBM Law, personal injury law firm, website displayed on multiple devices and channels

SEO Results at a Glance

  • 40% increase in total number of cases
  • 273% increase in leads

Why Choose OppGen as Your Organic Search Agency?

Unfortunately, most SEO agencies focus on high-level metrics:

  • Is your rank improving?
  • Are you getting more traffic?
  • Are you getting more organic leads?

These may look good on a report, but they don’t tell us anything about quality or results. 

So what exactly does OppGen do differently?

We focus on traffic quality and purchase intent first.

organic search agency meeting with client

High-Value Keyword Tracking That Drives Organic Results

At OppGen, we prioritize optimizing and tracking your business’s content for keywords that carry the highest level of purchase intent — ones that indicate your audience, ideal client, or customer is ready to buy. 

We’ll track the rankings (average position) of these high-priority keywords you want your website to rank the highest for. We use this data to optimize your content monthly, so that you can rank higher and hold that ground.

Quality-First Approach to SEO

We take a quality-first approach to SEO and start by asking you the following questions:

  • Is your current organic traffic converting into viable leads for your business? 
  • Or are you wasting your time with low-quality leads?
  • What keywords are driving low-quality leads and traffic? (*Identifying irrelevant, overly-general, and/or low purchase-intent keywords)
  • What high-value, high-purchase intent keywords could we target or improve optimization for to drive better results to your business? 

Organic Search Agency FAQs

computer keyboard and mouse with plant symbolizing growth from organic search agency

Is Organic Search the Same as SEO?

The term “organic search” refers to the list of search results that are separate from paid ads you can see on search engines of their partner network.

The search engine algorithm ranks these natural search results using a robust, but well-studied and understood list of criteria.

SEO is the practice of using these criteria to rank higher on organic search results.

Keep in mind, Google and other search leaders don’t share 100% of the the criteria it takes to rank, to prevent businesses and websites from gaming the system. 

They also update their algorithms  often improve the search user experience, while further preventing experts from decoding the specifics of their parameters. 

Without the knowledge of SEO best practices and the ability to stay ahead of volatile algorithm updates, many companies attempting to “game” the algorithm flounder as their rankings plummet. 

That’s why many companies hire an SEO marketing company like OppGen to increase organic visibility. 

Partnering with an experienced organic search agency can substantially reduce the time your business spends on an ineffective SEO strategy.

Let OppGen take care of your SEO so you can focus on doing what you do best: running and growing your business. 

Does Organic Search Cost Money?

We refer to SEO as “earned marketing” vs. PPC as “paid marketing.”

With PPC and online advertising platforms, you pay for each engagement––impressions, clicks, leads, traffic, etc.

SEO is “earned” because it involves optimizing web pages based on search engines’ algorithms in order to increase organic (unpaid) visibility and traffic to a website.

With SEO, you don’t pay search engine for clicks or engagement, but you should invest in an experienced SEO agency that can put in the strategic work it takes to earn your way to the top of organic search results.  

Even though best practices for SEO are well-understood, ranking organically has never been more competitive.  It takes experience, diligence, and a deep understanding of the tools and landscape to earn your spot at the top of the SERPs, and stay there.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or try to shortcut or beat the system, it could backfire and cost you your online reputation.

Don’t take that risk. Contact OppGen to learn more about our SEO plans and pricing.

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Organic SEO Services?

This answer is different for every business. 

Unlike PPC advertising, natural search engine optimization is not a fast on-off strategy. It’s an ongoing, long-term process that’s different for every business, and it requires a clear roadmap, a detailed strategy, and realistic goals.

SEO is like gardening. Reaping the benefits of SEO requires you to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and check in on them from time to time as they grow. Some plants require more water and care; even some of the most impressive plants need to be pruned from time to time.

There will be things you can’t control — storms, diseases, pests, algorithm updates. You need to prepare your plants for these things.

It might take weeks or even months before your plants begin to flower. Even then, it takes ongoing work and maintenance to keep a healthy, flourishing garden.

With SEO, you shouldn’t expect instant results. It’s going to take time and effort, but when you see the fruits of your labor (or see the return on investment), it is worth it.

Depending on the current state of your organic marketing strategy, we recommend sticking with it for at least 6 months.

Talk to an SEO Expert 

In order to accurately gauge the state of your current website, we recommend requesting a free SEO audit. Our free SEO audit includes a snapshot score for technical, local, on-page, and off-page SEO so you can understand where your priorities lie first.

Contact us today for more information about our organic search agency’s SEO offerings or to request your free audit.


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