GBM Law sees 40% increase in number of cases opened.


GBM Law, a personal injury law firm in Columbus, Ohio, was struggling to run a successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign. GBM Law wanted to start ranking organically for certain keywords, too — and they weren’t ranking for any of them.

They were not happy with their then-marketing agency’s results, so GBM Law reached out to OppGen in the hopes of running a better, more affordable marketing campaign.


Personal injury law, GBM Law’s main area of practice, is one of the most competitive and expensive legal segments out there. Their former marketing agency’s PPC campaign had such low lead volume at too high a cost to the point it was no longer feasible to continue investing in PPC. That agency had also failed to properly set up lead attribution, so there was no possible way to measure the ad campaign’s effectiveness.

GBM Law’s website was part of the problem, too. In 2019, Google started its switch to mobile-first indexing, which meant the search engine would look at mobile versions of websites before the desktop version for ranking websites. The original GBM Law website’s code was developed in 2010 and much of its foundational code had been overwritten with custom codes that conflicted with one another, resulting in a slow website that did not work well on mobile devices.

Digital Strategy

OppGen completely restructured GBM Law’s paid search accounts and developed custom landing pages for each of their practice areas: workers comp, specific vehicle accidents, dog bites, and more. Each page included tracking codes to ensure an accurate lead tracking system, making it easy for GBM Law to see where their leads came from and to decide where to invest their advertising budget.

OppGen implemented a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The first step was building a new website from the ground up that was fast, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. The next step was to create a Google My Business listing. GBM Law already had a listing, but some of the information was incorrect — something that can really hurt a website’s organic search engine page ranking. Finally, OppGen optimized content on every website page to rank for certain keywords.


GBM Law started seeing tangible results from OppGen’s PPC advertising efforts after 4 months of consistent month-over-month lead growth. They had an increase in leads and new clients and a 54% decrease in cost per lead.

After OppGen rebuilt the GBM Law website and implemented a SEO strategy, GBM Law’s new site began to climb the ranks from pages 2 and 3 to the first page for several target keywords. The rise in ranks also led to more organic leads.

Since partnering with OppGen, GBM Law has seen a 40% increase in the total number of cases opened and a 273% increase in leads.




Paid Search Advertising
Custom Website Design


273% increase in leads compared to 2018
54% decrease in cost per lead
40% increase in the total number of cases opened