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Outsource PPC Services with a Trusted Digital Advertising Partner

Working on a project-basis is a standard for branding and design agencies. Unfortunately, this can be a gift and a curse.

Your firm works to create outstanding branding and creative assets for your clients, but as soon as you ship your deliverables, that’s a wrap on the project.

It’s back to drumming up new business.

As a branding or design agency, projected-based work comes with unique challenges:

Short-Term Client Relationships

Monthly or project-based client work makes it difficult for your agency to establish long-term relationships.

Inconsistent Billing

Project-based billing makes it nearly impossible to stabilize your agency’s monthly revenue.

Feast-or-Famine Cash Flow

With so much fluctuation on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, trying to manage cash flow can be unpredictable.


So, what’s the solution here?

Many design and branding agencies push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

You may contract-out or hire PPC advertising specialists to include more services that could provide more consistent billing.

But even that comes with a whole new set of problems…

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1. Learning and Adopting Skills Outside of Your Scope

To a certain degree, you have to learn PPC to hire paid advertising analysts that are worth their salt. Realistically, that can take months or even years. If you don’t have a grasp on PPC, how do you know if you’re hiring a high-performer or a phony?

2. Building a New Department

Building a PPC department and bringing on new help takes time. That means everything from scheduling interviews, sorting through candidates, hiring, training, introducing your clients to a new arm of your business, and accepting a certain amount of churn. It’s costly and time-intensive.

3. Elevated Payroll Costs

Hiring in-house online advertising experts can make for substantially higher payroll costs. Even if the advertising specialist is bringing their clients to your agency, you may lose money for the first month, few months, or years you’re working on building a new client base in your new department.

4. Unreliable Contractors

What about hiring contractors? To save on time and costs, you may outsource your client advertising campaigns to contractors. We all know this can be hit-or-miss. Common problems with contracting include everything from high costs and questionable performance to inconsistent communication, missed emails, and deadlines.

5. Divided Focus

While managing contractors, employees, lead outreach, and sales for your new advertising department, your focus shifts away from your core specialty, service offering, and why you started your agency in the first place.

The downstream effects of all of this can lead to time, resources, and monetary losses for your agency.

What’s the Solution? Outsource PPC Services

At OppGen, we offer an outsource PPC services partner program.

This gives fellow agencies like yours the power to expand your service offering, establish recurring revenue streams, and increase returns from your existing clients without the nightmare of setting up an entirely new department.

Our talented team of PPC analysts empowers your agency to deliver more value and results to your clients while bringing more consistent sources of revenue for your agency.

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Benefits: OppGen’s Outsource PPC Services

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1. Drop The Risks and Costs of Taking on PPC Yourself

By choosing our outsource PPC services partner program, your agency can minimize or eliminate all the above risks and maximize your earning potential.

It can take years to pick up a fundamental understanding of PPC, hire a team, and build out a department. Partner with OppGen, a paid agency that has a proven track record of client PPC success, to help you grow now.

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2. Outsource PPC Services and Grow the Client Relationship

Outsource PPC services to a paid partner you can trust. Our management team and paid analysts will collaborate with your agency to bring consistent, reliable, measurable results to your client, and build on your already successful relationship.

Not sure if outsource PPC services are right for you? Contact our management team at OppGen today for a list of our referrals.

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3. Create New Revenue Streams for $0

OppGen’s outsource PPC services partner program lets you tap into a new revenue stream with zero out-of-pocket costs to your agency. We’ll work with you to structure a mutually beneficial partnership and revenue-sharing agreement out of the gates so that we all win together––you, your client, and OppGen.

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4. Turn Inconsistent Billing to Consistent Monthly Revenue

Add our outsource PPC services to your agency’s offering so you can flip feast-or-famine project-based billing into stable monthly revenue.

Plus, our PPC team will need the help of your branding and design experts to create high-performance, clickable, creative assets across advertising campaigns and channels––search, social media, and more.

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5. Grow Your Lifetime Client Value

When you outsource PPC to a trusted partner, you can easily turn what would’ve been a 3-6 month branding or design project into a flourishing, lucrative, long-term client relationship.

Imagine the revenue and growth potential for your agency.

OppGen’s outsource PPC services and paid marketing partner program gives your agency the key to unlocking thousands in untapped revenue––while removing the time, monetary, personnel, overhead, and performance risks you’d take to bring this work in-house.

What You Get From OppGen With Our Outsource PPC Services

Partner with a Trusted PPC Agency

With our PPC partner program, you and your client get direct access to our award-winning executive management team and best-in-class PPC analysts.

  • Named in Inc.com’s 5,000 fastest growing companies
  • Google Partner
  • Facebook Advertising Partner
  • Top Advertising and Marketing Firm in Ohio – Clutch
  • Best Digital Marketing Agencies – DesignRush.com
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With OppGen’s outsource PPC services, you’ll get total transparency into the work we do for your clients. That way you can ensure we are doing the job right while keeping full control of the client relationship.

Grow your business with OppGen’s Outsource PPC Services Partner Program now and tap into an additional revenue stream without the time, risk, and overhead.

Contact our management team today to get started.

A Proven Track Record of PPC Results

OppGen has an extensive track record of delivering quantifiable results for our PPC clients.

See what our clients are saying about their PPC results.

The Client Relationship Comes First

Outsourcing PPC services to OppGen is more than just a business partnership.

It’s a relationship.

As you can see from the case studies above, our outsource PPC services partner program puts you and your clients first. You’ll always have access to our executive team, directly collaborate with our PPC and content experts, and have a reliable, responsive partner you can trust.

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Ready to Get Started?

Contact OppGen today and to learn more about our outsource PPC services and organic partner program.

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