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As a local Columbus SEO company and full-service marketing agency, we’ve worked with both national brands and small businesses around central Ohio. This has allowed us to gain unique insights into the Columbus market, giving us a deeper understanding of what competitors exist in the area and how a business can climb higher in local search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an unpaid strategy that increases a website’s organic search rankings for target keyword. The main goal of SEO is to see an increase in organic traffic over time, which should naturally result in more leads or sales.

SEO can be learned over time, but if a business depends on being found online through search, it’s crucial that you partner with Columbus SEO experts who have a pulse on current trends and the background and experience to execute successful tactics.

Create a Local Columbus SEO Strategy

When it’s critical for a business to rank in a specific geographic area around Ohio, the first step our Columbus SEO company takes in optimizing a website is to ensure that every aspect of the business can be discovered locally. This means creating Google My Business listings for one or more locations, creating citation listings on high-priority directories, and revising the website with local keywords and relevant content that your customers are trying to find.

Without a strong focus on local search results, it becomes difficult for a business to penetrate the competition if search engines don’t understand what’s being presented to them. Google and Bing look for signals that a business is highly relevant to a searcher’s location, which is why you tend to see businesses that are closest to you whenever you search for a service online.

By prioritizing local Columbus SEO first, a business can create a strong foundation to build upon with more granular optimizations.

Optimize Your Site for Speed

Even if your business checks all the boxes in terms of local Columbus SEO, you won’t be able to compete well if your website takes 6 or more seconds to load — especially on a mobile device. How many times have you waited for a website to load on your phone, only to become impatient because it appears that the page isn’t formatting properly?

Many people haven’t realized this yet, but Google switched to mobile-first indexing in the beginning of 2019. That means the mobile version of your website is looked at first. If Google discovers that your website loads slowly on mobile devices, their search engine will rank you lower compared to competitors that may have faster page load speeds.

As part of your strategy, our Columbus SEO company will make sure that the technical foundations of your website exceed the baseline expectations of search engines.

Publish Rich and Robust Content

Long gone are the days when flooding your pages with keywords could rank your website higher in search results. Search engines have evolved drastically over the past 5 years alone. They don’t just search for how relevant a page is for a certain keyword. Now they’re able to scan a page, map each and every word, sentence, and paragraph together, and understand what the content is actually saying. In short, they’re able to read a page closer to how a human would.

This evolution in search engine technology means that businesses have to focus on creating content that’s detailed, accurate, and valuable. As part of our optimization plan, our Columbus SEO company will provide you with strategic content recommendations for your website and even write the content for you if you don’t have the resources internally.

Expand Your Digital Reach

Local SEO, technical SEO, and relevant content are all necessary steps in optimizing your website to compete online, but it’s also important that you’re continually spreading your presence across the web. This comes in the form of social shares, backlinks, and referring domains to your website — commonly referred to as off-page SEO (because it’s not 100% in your control).

Earning backlinks to your website is a longer term strategy that takes time, but it’s crucial that you earn more domain authority through these links. One of the indicators search engines look for when evaluating how to rank a website is their backlink profile. If nobody is sharing or linking to the content you publish online, that shows poor domain authority.

If each and every page on your website is written with clarity and attention to detail, then you’ll be well on your way to ranking higher in the search results. Ultimately, a website is only as good as the words that are on it.

Track and Measure Organic Performance

Every business should be tracking the performance of their website, regardless of whether or not they’re actively working with an SEO company. If there’s no way for you to see how much traffic your site is generating and where that traffic is coming from, then you might as well not have a website at all. If you have a physical store, would you not keep track of the average amount of foot traffic you receive?

We set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for every client. This is part of our process for ensuring that our SEO efforts can be tracked and measured over time — that way, businesses can see what type of return they’re receiving from their investment.

Unlike paid search advertising, SEO is a long-term strategy that does not provide immediate results. That’s because at its core, SEO is about generating organic awareness of your business over time. Most local businesses don’t open up shop and see their customer base skyrocket right off the bat. Building your online presence is a process, and if you do it the right way from the very beginning, the true value can’t be measured in numbers.

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