Pelotonia adds 100+ new registrants to fundraiser event.

“[OppGen] goes above and beyond for their clients. They truly exceed expectations and are always putting your goals first… as a nonprofit, we know we are being taken care of and trust their team to do what’s best for us.”


Pelotonia, a nonprofit that funds cancer research through a cycling event, had an aggressive growth goal to increase event registrations and donations. In order to meet that goal, Pelotonia knew it needed to start including digital channels, such as a social sales channel via Shopify, finding the best way to promote the Pelotonia PULL app, and track and attribute registrations and direct sales.


The biggest challenge was the lack of resources in both time and money. Pelotonia needed to focus on managing and running the event. They didn’t have enough time to create, run, and manage an ad campaign to promote the event and lacked in an initial advertising investment.

Digital Strategy

We helped Pelotonia navigate the Google Ads Grant application process. Google Ads Grant program allows nonprofits to apply for up to $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month to create pay-per-click ads. Obtaining the grant is only half of the challenge, as Google has strict guidelines nonprofits must follow in order to keep the grant.

We integrated their Shopify platform with Facebook to track revenue from social campaigns. Once Shopify and Facebook were integrated, we could start creating Facebook ad campaigns. These Facebook ad campaigns had three main goals: to drive merchandise sales, to scale event registrations and social engagement, and to promote downloading Pelotonia’s PULLL app, which helps people raise funds for cancer research through exercise. 

It was important to focus on the effectiveness of these campaigns, so we also collaborated with Pelotonia to develop their audiences: email, customer, and custom-intent. 


On the Google Ads Grant front, we were able to help Pelotonia receive a few hundred dollars each month, which helps them continue to grow brand awareness and increase registrations.

The Facebook ads resulted in 400,000 impressions and more than 2,300 engagements across all campaigns. This, along with ad variant testing and constant campaign optimization, led to a 446% return on ad spend for the year.




Paid Social Advertising
Google Ads Grant Management
Paid Search Advertising


100+ new registrants
2,300+ post interactions
400,000 impressions
446% return on ad spend