C.O.N.C.I. grows revenue. and reduces lead costs by 50%.

The team at Central Ohio Nutrition Center (CONCI) had began transitioning marketing investment from traditional to digital advertising for their 4 clinic locations, but were not seeing an ideal return from their efforts. They recognized to meet their growth goals they would need to engage a strategic marketing partner with strong weight loss marketing experience.


After an initial meeting with the CONCI staff, it was discovered that most prospective patients started their OPTIFAST® journey by viewing an in-person seminar at the clinic.

Together, the OPPGEN and CONCI teams took this concept and created an online microsite featuring a recorded version of this seminar. CONCI then transitioned a recommended portion of their traditional marketing investment to Facebook and Google Search advertising to drive traffic to the new site.

After designing and developing the new journey, our team utilized our weight loss network intelligence and decade of experience in medical marketing to identify, target, and acquire prospective OPTIFAST® weight loss patients based on CONCI’s best and most profitable customers.

Retargeting was implemented to help stay in front of prospects as weight loss typically has a longer research phase and we wanted to capture leads when they were ready to advance.


Gear Pack
Paid search, Paid social, Journey Development


By partnering with OPPGEN, CONCI has been able to effectively increase their marketing investment online while reducing their digital lead acquisition costs by 50%. OPPGEN has also generated over 52 new leads a month for their OPTIFAST® program. As CONCI continues ramping up digital marketing, we expect even more exponential growth for their clinics.




Paid Social Advertising
Paid Search Advertising
Customer Journey Development


52+ leads per month
50% reduction in digital lead acquisition costs
14+ new patients per month