Lifelong Metabolic Center increases revenue from digital by 80%.

“Thank you OppGen for always being on top of it and making the necessary changes. [This] was a record-breaking month for me. Let’s do it again!”


Lifelong Metabolic Center, an emerging natural weight loss clinic in Naperville, Illinois, had entered a highly competitive space where quick fixes and weight loss fads quickly beat out professionally operated weight loss clinics like theirs. Lifelong Metabolic Center needed to establish credibility, gain visibility, and generate high-quality leads in an efficient manner.


For Lifelong Metabolic Center to succeed, the clinic needed to invest in a lead generation program with a partner that was knowledgeable in the weight loss industry and could consistently drive high-quality leads while maximizing their monthly advertising budget. The previous digital marketing company they were working with was not producing the results Lifelong Metabolic Center needed in order to generate appointment-ready leads at a better rate through their digital channels.

Digital Strategy

In order to generate a quick initial patient lift for Lifelong Metabolic Center, OppGen first launched a paid search program, targeting, and retargeting audiences actively searching for weight loss services on Google. OppGen identified contextual audiences on Facebook and leveraged its advertising platform to target higher intent prospects. 

OppGen not only formulated a strong digital strategy; the team also offered valuable advice about the lead follow-up process, business positioning, review management, pricing, unique selling propositions, and more.


OppGen’s paid search program, combined with its paid social media program, attracted over 40 leads per month and increased the number of new patients at Lifelong Metabolic Center by 35% per month. Lifelong Metabolic Center experienced an 80% lift in revenue from these programs as a result of their success.




Paid Social Advertising
Paid Search Advertising
Custom Website Design


40+ leads per month
80% lift in revenue
35% increase in total new patients per month