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“[OppGen] got us presold patients ready to book an appointment. It does not get better than that!”

More Clinic Patients
As a specialty medical clinic in a highly competitive space, The Performance Center team recognized they had to evaluate additional channels in order quickly increase patient volume and grow their clinic. They were running newspaper ads, attending events, and doing some Search Engine Optimization on their website, but needed more appointments… many more.

Appointment-Ready Leads with OppGen
Randy Moore, owner of The Performance Center, had previously tried and failed to run successful digital advertising with other agencies. Randy was tired of dealing with low-quality leads that never resulted in appointments or patients for his clinic.

After hearing about the OppGen medical clinic program, Randy decided to try digital advertising one more time. He felt confident in the OppGen program due to its ability to target higher quality prospects who were interested in immediate treatment and located near his clinics. Randy also trusted OppGen’s knowledge of the medical space and large network of current medical clinic clients.

Immediate ROI from Digital Campaigns
As a result of partnering with OppGen, The Performance Center Men’s Clinic was able to generate a substantial increase in appointments and patient bookings. Shortly after launching, the clinic was setting 50-60 appointments with new patients a month. Within a year of running the program, their clinic had doubled revenue thanks in large part to the OppGen medical clinic program.



Men’s Clinic

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44 new patients per month.

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