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Find Success On The World’s #1 Search Engine

If your goal is to generate more leads and sales for your business, partnering with an experienced Google Ads agency with a proven track record of achieving results is critical for your business’s success. Advertising on Google takes both logic and creativity, and luckily, we excel in both areas. As a Google Premier Partner we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses achieve their lead and sales goals through Google Ads marketing.

Our Google Ads Management Process

Keyword Discovery & Competitive Analysis

Keyword research is the first step of building your advertising campaign. After our discovery call, we’ll use specialized tools to find the best keywords that are relevant to your business. We also research your competitors and analyze the market for your industry. Then, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of building your PPC campaign.

Manual Setup & Management of Every Campaign

There are many different components of Google Ads, but not all of them matter or are relevant to your search campaign. That’s where we come in; we know which components are going to work best for your campaign, and not every Google campaign is going to be the same.

Unlike other Google Ads agencies, we don’t rely solely on Google’s automated bidding algorithms. We manage our client campaigns manually from the start. Our manual campaign management allows our team members to control how much you’re paying per click at the keyword level. This results in a stunning level of precision that simply can’t occur with automated strategies.

Custom Designed Landing Pages for Conversions

Sending paid traffic directly to your business’s website is not usually effective. Most websites have not been designed with conversion rate optimization in mind.

Whenever someone clicks on one of your Google ads, that’s money coming out of your advertising budget. These clicks can add up to a lot of money in a short amount of time, so you want to ensure that when someone clicks, they’re going to take action.

Our customized landing pages have been optimized to improve conversion rates and have been tested time and time again with great success. We’ll ensure that paid clicks have a better chance of converting.

Continuous A/B Testing

We don’t stop once we’ve set up and launched your Google Ads campaign. We continuously A/B test certain components of your ad campaign to maximize its effectiveness. This may involve changing ad copy, images on the landing page, or web forms, all to find the best combination that will generate the best results at the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Our Google Ads team constantly analyzes data to create the best possible outcome for your PPC campaign.

Not Just a Google Ads Agency — We’re All-Around PPC Experts

At this point in time, Google is an essential to everyday life. But it is not the only platform your business should be advertising its services on. People spend hours on search engines and social media every single day, so it’s to your advantage to use multiple channels for advertising.

We’re more than a Google Ads agency; we’re digital advertising experts in other platforms as well. You can feel confident in our ability to manage campaigns on these other channels.

google ads logo

Google Ads

microsoft ads logo

Microsoft Ads

facebook logo

Facebook Ads

twitter logo

Twitter Ads

linkedin logo

LinkedIn Ads

reddit logo

Reddit Ads

Get A Dedicated Google Ads Team for Your Company

When you sign on for our Google Ads management service, you aren’t going to be handed up to just anyone. Our agency has specialized teams of experts in certain business verticals. If you work in the medical field, you’ll work with our medical advertising team that has years of experience in creating, running, and managing medical Google ads.

Google Ads Management Without Long-Term Contracts

Launching your first Google Ads campaign or switching Google Ads agencies is a daunting experience, especially when you’re going to be locked in with a long-term contract. That isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with OppGen. We offer month-to-month options, which gives you more flexibility, freedom, and options than other agencies.

Get a Free Digital Audit

If you’re interested in implementing a Google Ads strategy for your business or improving your current pay-per-click efforts, our free digital audit is a good place to start. We’ll evaluate all of your advertising channels, review your website, and run an opportunity analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many leads will I get per month on Google Ads?

We’re able to provide some estimates based on industry, but it’s difficult to project how many leads a business will get each month. There are a lot of variables that go into Google advertising. The good news is that the longer we run a Google Ads campaign for your business, the more accurate our projections will become. Over time, we will be able to provide accurate lead projections.

What is the average cost per click on a Google ad?

This varies widely depending on your geographic location, competition, market saturation, Google campaign setup, and a handful of other factors. It’s hard for us to give an answer without first doing some thorough research. We will not truly know until we actually run a Google Ads campaign for your business. That’s why we recommend running a campaign with us for 90 days to show you what results we can get.

How much should I spend on Google Ads every month?

Although we don’t set a minimum ad spend, we can offer our insights regarding performance. On average, businesses that spend $500 to $1,000 every month on Google tend to see results that meet or exceed their goals. Budgets under $500 often work inefficiently, depending on how expensive the cost per clicks are for your geographic area and keywords.

How can I monitor performance of a Google Ads campaign?

Our agency will send you a detailed report once a month. This report will contain all of the important metrics we measure performance by. It will also contain unique insights our team has discovered, as well as optimization recommendations.

Why should I pay a Google Ads agency instead of running this myself?

It’s easy to think you can run a Google Ads campaign yourself. We get it — Google has seemingly made it simple for anyone to get a search campaign up and running. However, that doesn’t mean it’s set up properly or built to perform well. Our team does this for a living, so we can confidently tell you that there’s a level of expertise required for Google Ads to work really well.

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