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Grow Your Business to New Heights

If you’re looking to generate more leads and sales on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then partnering with a PPC management company that has a proven record of achieving results will be critical to your success. PPC advertising is both an art and a science. It requires left-brain and right-brain thinking. We excel at both, which is why we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses achieve their goals through search engine marketing.

Our PPC Management Process

Keyword Research & Market Analysis

The first step our PPC management team takes before building an advertising campaign is keyword research. After our initial discovery call, we’ll use tools to discover the best keyword opportunities that are relevant to your business or service. When this is complete, we’ll also gather competitive intelligence and analyze the market for your business vertical. Only once we’ve finished these steps do we start officially building your PPC campaign.

Manual Control Over Every Campaign

If you’ve ever tried to create your own PPC campaigns in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, you might have seen how robust each platform is. There are a lot of different components that you can utilize, but it’s important to know which ones matter.

Some PPC management companies target a few of your priority keywords and let Google do the rest with its advanced bidding algorithms. Although we don’t completely write-off automation, we always manage our client campaigns manually to begin with. This manual process allows our team to control how much your business pays for each click at the keyword level, allowing a degree of precision that isn’t available through automated plug-and-play strategies.

Customized Landing Pages that Convert

It’s usually not enough to send paid traffic directly to your website. That’s because a lot of the time, websites haven’t been designed with conversion rate optimization in mind.

PPC advertising means you have to pay for every click on your ads. Since these clicks can quickly add up to a lot of money, you want to make sure that once someone does click that they’re likely to take an action. By creating customized landing pages for your business, we can ensure that paid clicks have a higher chance of converting.

A/B Testing for Optimal Performance

We don’t stop strategizing once we’ve built and launched your PPC campaign. Part of our optimization process involves A/B testing various components of your advertising campaign for effectiveness. This could mean altering ad copy, landing page imagery, or web forms to find the winning combination that generates the best results at the lowest cost per conversion.

In short, our PPC management team is constantly analyzing data to uncover the best opportunities for your campaign.

We’re PPC Experts on Every Platform

Google is great — and it’s essential. But it’s not the only platform your business should advertise on. In a day and age where people spend hours on both search and social media every day, it makes sense to utilize more than one platform for advertising.

We’re not just experts at Google Ads — we’re also highly experienced with all the major platforms you’re already familiar with. You can feel confident knowing that our team has managed successful campaigns across all of these platforms:

google ads logo

Google Ads

microsoft ads logo

Microsoft Ads

facebook logo

Facebook Ads

twitter logo

Twitter Ads

linkedin logo

LinkedIn Ads

reddit logo

Reddit Ads

Get A Dedicated PPC Team for Your Business

When you sign up for our PPC management services, you’ll get a team specifically dedicated to managing your business’s advertising campaigns. We don’t hand off new clients to just anyone — our agency is made up of specialized teams of experts in certain business verticals. That means if you’re a real estate business, your advertising will be handled by our team that’s experienced in running real estate PPC ads.

PPC Management Without Long-Term Contracts

For most businesses, launching their first PPC campaign or switching to a new PPC management company comes with a degree of uncertainty. We understand that being locked in to a long-term contract can seem daunting. You don’t have to worry about that with us. We offer month-to-month options, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to run your advertising efforts how you want.

Get a Free Digital Audit

If you’re interested in implementing a digital marketing strategy for your business or improving your current marketing plan, our free digital audit is a good place to start. We’ll evaluate your social and advertising channels, review your website, and run an opportunity analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many leads will I get each month with PPC?

Although we do have estimates based on industry, it’s very difficult to project how many leads any given business will get every month. But that shouldn’t scare you away from running a campaign — that’s just the honest truth. There are a lot of variables that go into PPC advertising. The good news is that the longer we run a PPC campaign for your business, the more accurate our projections will become. Over time, we will be able to provide accurate lead projections.

What is the average cost per click on a PPC ad?

This varies widely depending on your geographic location, competition, market saturation, PPC campaign setup, and a handful of other factors. It’s impossible for us to give an answer without doing some research first. Even then, we will not truly know until we actually run a PPC campaign for your business. That’s why we recommend giving us 90 days to show you what results we can get. Remember: we don’t have long-term contracts.

How much should I spend on PPC ads every month?

Although we don’t require a minimum ad spend, we can offer our expertise in regards to performance. On average, clients that spend $500 to $1,000 every month on PPC tend to see results that they’re happy with. Budgets under $500 often work against you, depending on how expensive the cost per clicks are for your keywords and location.

How can I monitor performance of a PPC campaign?

Our team will send you a detailed report once a month. The report contains all the important metrics we measure performance by. It will also contain unique insights our team has discovered, as well as recommendations for further campaign optimizations.

Why should I pay a PPC management company instead of doing this myself?

These are famous last words. We get it — Google has seemingly made it easy for anyone to get a PPC campaign up and running. However, that doesn’t mean it’s set up properly or built to perform well. Our team does this for a living, so we can confidently tell you that there’s a level of expertise required for PPC to work really well.

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