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Customer Spotlight: Jim Glazner Updates Us On Opening His Medical Clinics Amidst COVID-19

Ken Hogan: Well. Good afternoon everybody. This is Ken Hogan again, with [OppGen] circling back around to Jim Glaser of prescription aesthetics of wellness.

Ken Hogan: Jim, last time we talked, you, uh, you had just gotten the word that, um, you were, you were considered non-essential and in the business needed to shut down and you put together a plan to, uh, how you wanted to attack this period.

So. If you could refresh us on what that plan was and then kind of let us know some of the results of that plan here. Now that we’re five, six weeks out.

Jim Glazner: Okay. Well, you know, like I said, when circumstances are beyond your control and you cannot control the circumstances at that point, you need to control how you respond to those circumstances and you create a plan.

And if this is not going to open, we’re not going to be able to do this. What we do is we move to this next phase. Next phase was we knew we’re going to reopen, but I need cashflow on a daily basis like everyone does. And so I call them all the manufacturers and they’re down also. And so I was asking for discounts.

I was asking for dating, and I wanted just the best deals that I could offer to my patients now that they would take advantage of it. Now, before we reopened. And so they win. I win. And it’s, it’s just, it’s a good day when you open it. And so we initiated with, uh, say Zeman, which is a toxin from a company called merge.

Uh, they had done a trial test called the experience program in Pensacola with a plastic surgery office. And they actually, if I patient bought a, uh, a treatment with Zeman. They gave them their next treatment for free. And so what we did is that’s great, but a lot of patients don’t know exactly how many units they normally use.

And so Zimmerman was going to give me a vile, a hundred unit vial examine for every hundred unit vial that we sold, and they were going to give a hundred dollar visa gift card. Also with every viral, so I would say $200 visa cards, and I received the two vials, but only pay for one. And so Z-Man sells for $11 a unit.

And so we posted a special to all of my, all of my patients and send it out. Uh, the response was immediate. We put on there, you know, pre reopening specials. You know, and you, I mean, you, everything has gotta be painted in a positive way because it should be, they’ve got enough doom and gloom that they see on TV daily.

They are thirsty for 50 units at no charge. Uh, if you, you know, some people only use 30 units, and so each time that you attended, we pull from what you had biked. If they bought a hundred units, they received a hundred units and. The idea from MERS was to give them a $50 gift card. I want them to spend that money and enjoy something else in my facility.

So what I did is I gave them, if they bought it, they got the credit on their account. We swiped the car, they got a credit, but it gives them an opportunity to try out skincare, other things that we have in our facility that they made to come a user of every month, every two months. That was our goal.

Highly successful. Uh, Dysport also responded with their best pricing. Botox was okay. It was, it was just okay. Uh, and then there was another toxin, uh, Chabot, which is, we call it new Utah. That also responded, uh, sent him product at no charge so that we would put it to our patients. Uh, so we went through all those things.

We, we started going after, uh. As far as even hormone replacement therapy, uh, we were constantly, uh, responsive to every single email that came in the four eight lead, uh, which unfortunately some of these have tried others and they did not respond cause they’re not open. Uh, I have plenty of time to discuss over the phone or doing a zoom consult with any patient.

And so. When we open. My plan was day one I’ve got you set up for labs for your hormone plate patients. We’ve already got you set for your next, uh, treatment, or when we start the implant, uh, we’ve set for ed, we’ve got what these are treatments. We have all of those things. And so the main goal and what I really have been pushing to the offices that we’ve trained, I’ve been calling and we, you know, Kim can, you know, I don’t know if others, but we have taught between myself and Dr.

Hernandez, 550 offices. Patient engagement, uh, best practices, uh, ed, uh, HRT training, as well as, uh, teaching them, you know, just basic peptide tides, all those things that they’d never really, they didn’t have any full training. And so I had been calling offices and my goal was, it was, like I told you earlier, I want them to, I want to know how they’re preparing and planning.

Upon their return to their practice to win. Not Oakland, but when this is your opportunity, you’ve got so many people out there with so much pinup desire. Number one, uh, weight loss, uh, CoolSculpting, we put out specials for CoolSculpting. We gave away. If you bought this many cycles, you got cool tone for free.

I mean, these are things that you. You offer because no one else at the moment, uh, in my market, uh, there may run an article every now and then. We’re hoping to open one day hoping we will open one day. And so we have been positively sending out things, encouraging anything we can do for you. I’ve had, uh, I mentioned earlier, just this week we have shipped 144 packages out.

Uh, we’re doing nutraceuticals, we’re doing skincare product with teas, you name it, and then we’ve allowed it to where they can come here. Uh, pick it up at the door. Or the biggest thing was you want to. Set a standard that you know that they’ve never had from another group or another office. And so the very first thing that said when they call and order something is, I’ll tell you what, I will bring it to you.

I’m not going to have one of my staff. I will bring it to you. I’ll put it at your door. I will call you when it’s there and there are a gym you don’t need to do that. It’s not a problem. I don’t want you to have to wait. And so it’s these types of things they will remember when things are good again. Yes.

Who really did go the extra mile for them and who cared about, you know, and, and calling your patients or, you know, and, and just checking on them. Yeah. We all know who our best patients are and those are the ones that, I mean, I’ve called, I’ve text if you need anything, do you need any mask? Little things.

Yeah. You have a mask. Absolutely. Come on by and I will give it to you.

Ken Hogan: What was the response? Uh, I know you, you and I originally talked like we’re having some black Friday type

Jim Glazner: specials.

Ken Hogan: Um, and I know that typically generates X amount of predictable revenue each year, you growing year over year. I’m just curious as to, if you’re comfortable sharing, what type of response did you have, you know, from a, a dollar figure perspective to some of these, these specials that you put out?

Jim Glazner: We’ve been doing, you know, of course, you know, we do quite a bit on a daily basis. Uh, and so, you know, I can’t go from. $25,000 a day to zero. And so you have to react and have to respond. And so, uh, we issued not like a black Friday, but we had, you know, a phenomenal pricing for reopening, uh, one day. Last week we did about 12,000.

On one of the days it’s been averaging between six and 11 a day, just with those specials. And of course, our prepaying, uh, I’m actually locking in patients. Some of these for up to two years, toxin, which means that they will not try anyone but me. And then I had so many of my patients who’ve called their friends, who were not my patients, to let them know about the specials.

Uh, we will be, uh, opening this. Four electives. Electives include lasers, includes ed, and includes HRT, and includes everything except to say spa services. It’d be like facials and massage. So we have contacted our patients. We will be here for you. Okay. Now we’re not open on Saturdays. Yes, we are. Now. They need to get in.

They want their wrinkles gone. They’re tired of that worry line and you know, and so we’re here. We’re opening up. Times that we never would, uh, just to be convenient for them. I don’t care when I’m talking to offices and they tell me what, you were never open on Saturday. I’m like, I will meet a patient here for CoolSculpting on Saturday, Sunday, ed, after being closed for six weeks, these people need us to respond.

So them, and that’s what I’m saying is, I don’t care if you’ve never done it that way. Make a change. Now he is, is that positive approach and handling it in a way that they know that you and I are together. We’ve all been in this. And like I said, when I, I’ve had patients come in and pick up things, uh, we’ve got hand sanitizer.

I’m like, do you need an extra bottle? You just. You know, you’ve got other people hoarding and they’ve seen this. They’ve seen toilet paper shortages, you know, Hey, whatever you need, come see me. If I’ve got it, I’ll be happy to give it to you. You know, it’s just that. It’s a one feeling of never having that before.

And our patients, when they call, it’s like, Jim, you know, we love you guys. Who gets that? I mean, I, you know, and I, and I let them know when they say that and I’m like, you know, we’d love you to, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you do for us. I’ve had patients this last week call Jim. I saw the specials, but you know, and I really don’t need it, but I just want to spend some money with you because I want to support you.

I cannot have you go away. I’m like, you know, we’re not going to go away. They’re like, I just want to support you because you’ve always been there for us. That’s what officers need to look toward and really go toward the positive view of what’s happening. This is going to go away. It hasn’t, it hasn’t ransacked the hospitals.

We haven’t been shorter than a laters. I mean, in Birmingham, the numbers never hit what they were supposed to yet. Uh, so. So what we have stores opening, uh, and retail, uh, this Friday, uh, medical, all non elective can open up this Friday. And so it’s like, but this is going to happen nationwide, but you’ve got to be prepared.

Just because I’m know how patients will feel. My lobby is, it’s huge, but I’m eliminating every eight feet of seating, uh, for patients. Uh, we will have them mass if they would like a master need one. All of my staff will have masking plastic. Uh, you can actually order the plastic shields, uh, from Amazon.

They’re very inexpensive. Uh, bio biotech, uh, tailor made compounding out of Kentucky. They have the in 95 masks. Uh, they are, I think 34 95 for a pack of five. Uh, we’ve been, I said, we’ve ordered those in all staff. Uh, we’re going to be using laser scan for foreheads to make sure. Uh, we will have the lobby, then we will have a separate area, two other separate areas where there will be seating for one.

And then as you know, Ken, we actually have an outdoor, uh, lobby area, uh, to where people can sit. And so if they feel comfortable, that’s what they’ll do. They’re going to call us from their car. Uh, my rules show that I can handle 125 in my building, uh, at the current. I’m not going to do that. Uh, we’re looking at maintaining around probably 50 patients at a time just to be, you know, you can’t be too careful and you want them to feel calming.

So that’s really the plan that we have. But I really feel that, that preparing the, when, when you open everything, and like I said, that’s why I’ve been calling. You know, offices. I called Chattanooga the other day, and of course I’m talking to, uh, Biltmore Smith, uh, an incredible plastic surgeon, uh, in Chattanooga.

And he is, he took the course and I’m talking about all the injectables and what we’re doing. And he was like, you know, gentlemen, we just don’t have anybody trained to do it. Needless to say, I called Galderma, uh, yesterday. Y’all Derma texts me today that they’re sending a trainer to train them in this downtown.

I mean, we can use all these things to learn, uh, and, and move on. Uh, so when he opens, he will have trained staff on how to do other things. You know, they’ve already told me yesterday that they, uh, in Tennessee, evidently they can do, uh, some, uh, electives. Uh, they did a 20 cycles of CoolSculpting on a patient they for yesterday.

Uh, I mean, all of these things, like I said, we need to be open and working out and doing, and, you know, yes, these companies have minimum. I sing, but you know what, they need the sales as much as we do. And so like for CoolSculpting, uh, normally it’s a six 50 a cycle. Uh, we’re doing it at five 50 if they buy for and giving two cycles of full tone for free.

Cool tone only costs $25 a cycle, but it sells for 500 a cycle and they require full. So the way we’re looking at it, we’re giving you two, but you’ll still need to get me.

Ken Hogan: You don’t know unless you ask. I that that’s really our, our, you know, that’s how I feel about things personally. And, and, uh, it, it’s, there’s no harm in asking, you know, everybody’s making some kind of concession, you know, during this time.

So what are the top three things that you’re telling, um, the offices that you’ve trained during this time that they’re preparing to.

Jim Glazner: Open number one is your staff. You have to have your staff ready to be a team effort. Uh, we’ve had meetings. Uh, we’ve changed. Like I said, we’ve changed our thought process of how lobbies will work, things will work.

Uh, all of my staff has highly incentivized. If I make money, they’re gonna make a lot of money. And so the goal is that we all come out of this unscathed. Uh, I have continued to pay all of my stuff. Full amount, even if they weren’t here. I can’t train the level of that of employee that we have. It costs me 10 times more time and efforts and money than to keep and pay the people I already have.

And so number one, have your employees ready? Staff trained, need to have meetings. You need to go ahead, set up boundaries on where they will be. Uh, if even as putting painter’s tape on the floor where this will be the seating. Just to have all those things in place. Let your patients know that we’re working diligently to open soon.

Uh, we’re, like I said, call patients, check on them. Never happened before, the number of man, and I’ve assigned people just to call. I’ll give a list of 25, 30 names, call them up, check on him. Believe it or not, in that call and check. Uh, I would say a good 63 6,400. And ask about the specials that they’ve seen in their emails and purchased.

So, you know, and I, and I have, I’ve seen, I’ve had offices tell me that they’ve done a total pause from their, uh, Lee. How could I not? I know this is what you do, but I can’t see pausing people contacting me and I do, you know, we paused radio. I’m not going to begin radio again. Talk radio is huge. Uh, we’re not going to begin talk radio again for two weeks.

Let’s let everybody kind of get that first filter. Uh, we’ve always done very well. It was sports talk radio. Unfortunately, there are no sports, so we will not be talking about that. Uh, I think 55 million tuned in to the draft NFL draft, 55 million is like super bowl. Uh, that’s a lot of pinup desire over any sports.

So, you know, I know that they will come back, but, so saying, keep radio on a pause. Uh, but there are certain things that we also noticed. Just that we’re initiating. Uh, when a patient lead comes to us, we are working on it. We have an automated generated email that goes back to them so that they know we’re going to get with them.

I expect to call, uh, what times are convenient. Uh, just, you know, a lot of the leads come in and because of, especially ed, a lot of the leads come in late at night. Early am, uh, we’ve got a lot of people. Well that are home together. And really this is, they’ve seen what a serious problem it has been. Uh, ed affects 40% of age, 40, 50% at 50, 60%, 60.

It’s going to affect every man on the planet and Bible by being able to respond empathetically. Uh, it’s, it’s the response that they need and setting them up, talking to them, talking them about it, how this is going to affect everyone explaining what we do. Uh, whether it be a prescription or a sound wave, Z-Wave, shockwave, GAINSWave, uh, type, uh, procedure on them.

It’s a matter of just what works in their budget, but we’re not letting anyone go. If, if. This is out of your range. Let’s look at, try this. So, I mean, it’s, you know, they will, when they see what you’re doing and how you’re going forward to help them, uh, they’re much more receptive to anything that you suggest.

Uh, most all of our ed patients become hormone replacement therapy, HRT patients. Uh, but we don’t want to take an ed patient, uh. Who’s got bashful agentic issues, and then instantly give him a testosterone because his libido goes up, but unfortunately penis doesn’t. And he is only. Australian. He’s angry at me.

So you take everything in stages. We have a tendency to jump the gun. And I know if a 60 year old guy comes in here, his hormones are off, but you know, let’s fix the problem, then let’s fix that problem. Yeah. So these are just the things that we’re doing and the preparing that. So I’m preparing two weeks from now to even gear up heavier on ads, especially radio.

Not sports. Uh, we’ve, we’ve done exceptionally well with ed campaigns, HRT campaigns, uh, women and men. Uh, I’ve noticed more than we always had tremendous amounts, but I’ve noticed more, at least two or three a day now. And like I said, it’s, it always comes down to your response time back to them. Uh, which is what, when we teach our offices, that response time should be.

Uh, five minutes if possible. Uh, but, and also follow up with a lead call, email, texts. Most people don’t answer the phone when you call them. They don’t recognize the number. And so yes, leave a message, but don’t make the mistake of calling, leaving a message and that’s dropping the ball. After that, it requires about four attempts before someone will answer a, if they see the call and then, uh, two hours later leave a message, and then two hours later they also see another.

All from the same prefects, different than a robocall that they are not, that they’ve been re receiving. Uh, and then like I said, the text message that says, Jim, I understand. I got an email. Uh, then you have some questions about ed or on replacement. Uh, when would be a convenient time. Text me back. This is my personal cell phone number, you know, and if I’m, if I don’t answer, uh, maybe with the patient, but I will always call you back. But it’s a matter of just following up and that’s where we see the ball drop most of the time. Uh, we’ve had offices that could be three and four days calling someone back. Well, you know, they, they, the lead came through on a Friday night and you know, we’re not open on Saturday or Sunday.

And so we didn’t call them back till Monday afternoon. They have forgotten that they. They even emailed you by that point, or by that point, they’ve already called me and we’ve responded. So it’s a match. Your response time is, you know, that’s the main thing. We drive home because I’ve got offices that are, uh, they’ve got the people coming, but they won’t let them in the door.

You’ve got to unlock the door and let them in your building

Ken Hogan: respond. So

Jim Glazner: there’s.

Ken Hogan: Maybe people that watch this video that want to learn a little bit more about you, that want to learn a little bit more about your tr, the training that you offer. When is your next training class, and.

Jim Glazner: How can somebody get involved?

Well, actually we’re, we’ve got a, uh, we work with bio T uh, bio T does their training in Dallas and also in Orlando, uh, beginning the 23rd of May. Uh, the training will also be done in our facility. Uh, we train up to 39 offices, uh, a month. Uh, the next one that we got scheduled is actually, uh, June. 26 and 27, uh, we do them every month, but unfortunately, because of Covance, uh, we had to postpone things, but that will be the next and the next meeting.

Uh, and what we do is we teach you, uh, ed, we teach you and certify you and shockwave. We teach you and certify you HRT, peptides, uh, patient engagement, which is the biggest park where these offices never. I knew how to take that patient and bring them into an experience that they’ve never had, and they will never leave you a Botox.

Any of those things. It’s like a matter of, I joked with it with Ken the other day, I said, I said, how many. Hairdressers, or your wife has one, and all of our wives have one hairdresser. They know they can go. They know that they, Jason or whoever it is, knows what kind of color to use what I love. And they only go to that when they come to us.

They know that when they leave, they’re gonna look good. And I have got it, and I can duplicate it every single time we’ve taken photos, we’ve mapped it all out. If a week out, they’re not happy, they see a wrinkle or they see something, we tell them, I want you to come back. I’m going to fix it for free. And then what I’m going to do is make some notice in your chart so that every time you come in.

When you leave, you’re beautiful. And that’s what they want. They just want someone to actually take the extra time. You don’t, you don’t. I mean, it’s really not. It becomes a point. You’re not selling, you’re just there. You’re just there helping and you know, and, and I said, no one likes to be sold, but they do like to have suggestions.

And if someone tells me I’m a nasal labial fold, I’ve got these issues, let’s work on it. But you know, I said, you don’t ever jump in on a patient. Never even had toxin and just do their entire effects. They want to be Holly, not Hollywood. They want to look natural and fresh. So, but now to contact me, they can call my cell phone.

That’s two Oh nine Oh eight two seven three, six. Uh, my email that gets directly to me is RX the number to Uh, if they would like to go on my website, just look, we’ll have up to, I think the largest, we had 43,000 views in one month, uh, and it was, so they could go to that, the shortcut to it.

It’s prescription aesthetic and anyway, but the shortcut is RX, the number two, And you can go on that and you can click on the GAINSWave tab or any tab. You can actually, you’ll have a quick preview of what we do. Um, the websites that we’ve seen issues with are the ones that have a dropdown.

With everything they do. Millennials are not going to search 100 lines to find shockwave or GAINSWave or, well, you know, you’ve got to keep it simple. So those are the things that we teach. Okay. But like I

Ken Hogan: said, feel free to reach out to me. I would appreciate it.

Jim Glazner: Jim has

Ken Hogan: always thank you for the time. We appreciate the updates.

Um, uh, man, I hope. We have the most successful reopening

Jim Glazner: that you ever had. Hopefully this never happens again, but hopefully it won’t. But we are, we are fully

Ken Hogan: booked for Friday and Saturday, so thank God that, that’s awesome. You guys, you guys enjoy, uh, you know, you’d get appreciate the, uh, the insights and, uh, and thanks everybody for viewing this.

We hope you pulled something from it and everybody stays.