Bros Buy Houses nets 807% ROI in switch to digital marketing.

“I am really happy that we took this step of starting our advertising program with OppGen… We were able to put a home under contract and sell it within 72 hours after the lead came. We’re projected to make $15,000 from that deal.”


Bros Buy Houses, a wholesale real estate investor business co-owned by brothers Anthony and Andrew Sarrouf, was producing below average leads and a marginal return on investment with its traditional marketing methods: outbound cold calling and printed mailers.

The Sarrouf brothers decided it was time to try something different… something digital. So they reached out to OppGen, which personalized a digital wholesale real estate marketing strategy.


The costs of designing, printing, and shipping direct mailers every week were simply not worth the investment based on the quality and quantity of leads Bros Buy Houses team was receiving. The cold calls made during every hour of the day often stayed cold and distracted the owners from focusing on what they’re best at doing: selling and closing.

If Bros Buy Houses was to succeed in its transition from traditional marketing methods to digital, it was going to need a team of experts that knew what they were doing to help.

Digital Strategy

OppGen customized Bros Buy Houses a flexible, subscription-based marketing program that was built specifically to generate leads for wholesale investors. This program would be operated by OppGen’s dedicated in-house real estate investment resource team, which would manage paid search and paid social advertising accounts for Bros Buy Houses.

OppGen now continues to monitor and analyze the program’s performance data, market conditions, and sales feedback to improve campaigns to ensure continuous success and effectiveness.


Within 2 hours of launching OppGen’s wholesale real estate program, Bros Buy Houses received a proposal that was projected to net them $15,000 in profit. This lead was more valuable than all of Bros Buy Houses’ traditional marketing efforts.

Bros Buy Houses’ cold calls created a low volume of poor leads. But now, thanks to OppGen, the Bros Buy Houses team is averaging 15+ quality leads per month and is even projecting a ROI of over 800%!


Wholesale real estate


Paid Search Advertising
Paid Social Advertising


15+ leads per month
807% ROI from digital channels