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Reach Local Seniors

OppGen captures prospective residents that are seeking senior living communities or assisted living facilities in your local area. Unlike other advertising programs, we have the ability to target seniors specifically searching online for a senior living community like yours. This creates a focused advertising spend on relevant prospective residents.

Set More Appointments

We develop relevant landing pages specifically for the over 50 market that are proven to generate real appointments. Through our proprietary tracking system, we get your feedback on which senior prospects became residents or set an appointment and which did not. There is no more guessing on which one of your advertising efforts created the lead or how valuable that lead was.

Fill Your Residences

Have move-in ready residences available? Currently, we generate an average of 1-2 residents per month per community. This results in a phenomenal ROI of greater than 10X your investment. We accomplish this by leveraging our unique network of senior living and assisted living facilities along with our extensive knowledge of the baby boomer market.


New Residents per Month


Return on Investment


Monthly Appointments


Outperform Competitors


Attract Senior Residents

We Identify Your Best Residents

Our senior living marketing strategy team conducts a review session with your team to determine who your most profitable residents are. Through this process, we will identify who to target, where your prospect is located, who your competitors are, and more.

Create A Personalized Experience

After your best prospects have been identified, we are able to leverage our experience with other senior living communities and assisted living facilities to develop a custom landing page. The experience features highly targeted messaging built to convert new prospects into appointments.

Serve Your Local Seniors With Targeted Ads

We leverage pay-per-click channels, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to display ads to your local prospects. We know the best ads to present potential residents interested in locating a senior living community or assisted living facility.

Generate Appointments & New Residents

As a result of our proven targeting and conversion process, your community will begin generating more appointments at an outstanding ROI. The next steps are then expansion into new markets, which many of our clients have begun as a result of our program.

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