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Mobile-first websites that outrank your competitors.

Our modern, fast, and search-friendly website designs are developed specifically to help businesses improve their online presence and convert visitors. We leverage our extensive experience developing highly strategic journeys for large companies to help create personalized websites for your business. Our websites feature highly targeted messaging that, when combined with our paid digital campaigns, convert new prospects into appointments.

Quick implementation, lower upfront costs, & site ownership

Our websites were designed to help growing businesses ready to take the next step in their digital marketing efforts. Many of our current clients came to us seeking a website package that featured lower setup fees with a monthly payment option. Our client partners were also concerned with competitors’ lack of ownership options; many experienced losing access to their site and all of their content. This prompted us to rethink the way we manage our site ownership giving our clients more freedom in access and better peace of mind.

As a result of these requests, our digital experts created a website offering designed to expedite the launch timeline, functional and beautiful mobile-first designs, and presented the opportunity to our clients to own their own site if they so choose.

rank well & gain instant credibility

Our experience managing large scale digital advertising campaigns gave us the insight that a business’s website factors highly into a customer ultimately coming into their location for an appointment. A poor website experience almost always leads to subpar digital campaign performance. After extensive research, our experts developed a solution that provides a flexible website option designed to create modern sites that allow our clients to convert more prospects to meet their sales goals.

In addition to improving conversion rates, OppGen sites feature search engine friendly architecture that allows them to rank well organically for local searches. Items such as page speed, on-page content, technical development, and more are factored into every website.

Prospect Positioning

At OppGen, we start our web design journey with a client strategy session. This strategic discussion allows our team to better understand your current customer journey, best customers, products, etc., and then create highly targeted messaging built to convert new prospects into appointments.

Modern, Fully Responsive Design

OppSites are built on the latest development platforms in order to offer total flexibility, shorter load times, and multi-device responsiveness. Our website design and development will help maintain your current branding while providing an improved digital experience.

Dynamic Lead Tracking

Every OppSite features extensive end-to-end lead tracking and click attribution. Through our proprietary tracking systems, we can gather intelligence on web lead data, phone call data, demographics, prospect paths, and more.

Conversion Optimization

OppSite’s designs are based on extensive conversion rate testing and latest industry best practices. Once built, your microsite will continue to evolve as we collect campaign data and sales team feedback.

Auto Responders

Every OppSite includes automated lead notification emails that are sent directly to your sales team, allowing them to quickly follow up with new prospects, increasing the likelihood of a closed sale.

Third-Party Integrations

Does your business use Salesforce, MailChimp, Pardot, Marketo, or another marketing or CRM type system? Custom third-party integrations are available.

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