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by OppGen

{4/25} This Week In Digital Advertising 

Facebook Reports An Increase In Active Users

Facebook estimates more than 2.3 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger on a daily basis. An increase in 55 million users from the previous quarter.

The social media giant announced yesterday there  Facebook has also reported that Facebook Stories is now being used by 500 million people daily, which is the same amount of people using WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories.

As Facebook looks to the future the company is focused on privacy. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, “We are focused on building out our privacy-focused vision for the future of social networking, and working collaboratively to address important issues around the internet.”

Despite the recent investigations and reports of lower engagement, Facebook continues to see growth which speaks volumes about the reach they have around the world.  If you are interested in the Q1 Facebook findings visit social media today

More Images are Being Shown in Google Searches

Google has been hinting to SEOs for several months to pay close attention to image search results. A recent study by SEOClarity shows “images in the Top 10 leaped from an approximately 24% occurrence to a 34% occurrence.”

The image boxes will appear if Google thinks it would be helpful to see an image. When your web developer is adding images on your website it’s important to make sure they are tagged properly so Google’s algorithm can gather them properly for image search.

As search engine optimization continues to evolve it’s important for brands to stay on top of the changes Google pushes out. Our Digital Analysts in Columbus, Ohio, are able to work with you to build out a strategy for success. SEOClarity has shared their findings in a blog post.

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4/25 – This Week In Digital Advertising