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Facebook is shown on an iPhone's App Store

by OppGen

User privacy and data are at the forefront of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update, and with this update come some issues with digital advertising.

What We Know About the Apple iOS 14 Update So Far

iOS 14 will give Apple product users the option to opt out of certain types of data tracking. It will prompt users with these two basic options:

  • Allow tracking
  • Ask app not to track

Under iOS 14, this prompt will appear on all iOS apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and any apps that monetize with Facebook’s Audience Network.

The kinds of data tracking that will result in the approval prompt include:

  • Targeted ads based on a user’s data that were collected from apps and websites
  • Sharing device location information or email lists with data brokers (that is, a company that collects and sells personal information of particular users to third parties)
  • Sharing email lists, advertising IDs, and other IDs with third-party advertising networks that would use that data to retarget users or similar users
  • Putting a third-party software development kit (SDK) that combines user data from an app with other apps to create more effective advertisements for audiences

Apps that fail to comply with the policy following the iOS 14 update will be removed from the App Store — even if it is an issue with the app’s developer(s) and not the business that owns the app in the first place.


Facebook’s Response to the iOS 14 Update

Facebook is concerned about how this update will affect businesses and creators who use its advertising service — especially small businesses, as noted in a press release outlining those concerns.

In the press release, Facebook states that they believe this update will hurt small businesses and creators who rely on Facebook’s personalized and highly targeted advertisements to keep their businesses growing. By giving people an option to opt out of data tracking, it will make it harder for Facebook (and other businesses like it) to use its targeting tools as accurately.

It alleges that the drop in personalized ads will make it difficult for small businesses with small budgets to find good leads, which will also limit their growth and competitive abilities against larger companies.


What This Means for Facebook Advertisers

There is no need to panic over these changes.

As noted in Facebook’s press release, this update won’t cause a full loss of ad personalization — though it may begin a push in that direction. Still, this gives Facebook advertisers time to prepare for that shift.

In the meantime, you will still be able to use Facebook’s ad targeting tools and create highly personalized, targeted ads; however, depending on how many people opt out of data tracking under iOS 14, you may not be able to accurately target as many leads as before.

This update may affect the accuracy of your conversions as well, but this can be circumvented to some extent by making sure your website’s Facebook pixel is up to date and will be able to reach mobile devices. In order to do this, you’ll have to verify your website’s domain

Even with this update, you will be able to push more personalized Facebook ads to people who use Android phones and Windows computers, which are not associated with Apple products.

If you own a small business and oppose this upcoming iOS update, Facebook has created a page for small business owners such as yourself to “add your voice” where you can tell Apple why this update concerns you and a toolkit as well.

This update is a good reminder to avoid becoming too reliant on a single advertising channel and to prepare your business for future changes. Diversify where you’re advertising on both digital and traditional marketing channels.


Contact OppGen for More Information About the iOS 14 Update and Facebook Ads

This upcoming Apple update is a big one, and we understand the concerns advertisers and marketers have. However, we have no doubts that it is one we can continue to work under while creating effective ads on multiple digital marketing channels.

Contact OppGen for guidance or more information today.

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Facebook is shown on an iPhone's App Store
How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Could Impact Facebook Ads