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Google, Facebook , Messenger

by OppGen

{5/2} This Week In Digital Advertising 

Google Display & Video 360 Announces Brand-Focused Initiatives

Google announced several new safety focused features for Display & Video 360 (DV360) DSP. For advertisers, it’s important to note that ads.txt inventory will become the default starting in August. In 2017, ads.txt was launched in an effort to reduce programmatic ad fraud. By listing authorized ad sellers in a file placed on publishers’ sites. Google also announced it will support ads-app.txt.

Google says DV360 will stop buying unauthorized app inventory.“While it’s very early days for app-ads.txt adoption, we’re actively working to encourage app developers to publish app-ads.txt files,” said a Google spokesperson.

A new dashboard will allow brands to have access to new settings. This dashboard view will allow users to get a quick view of a campaign and view settings, ads-txt authorized sellers and more. Brand Controls has built in fraud protection which shows what percentage of traffic was filtered before a bid was placed. Brand Controls also offers filters that can show what percentage of a campaign use content labels, sensitive categories, keyword exclusions and more.

Business Focused Tools Announced for Facebook Messenger

It was a big week for Facebook. The developer conference F8 had several announcements from the social media giant on most major platforms. One takeaway is that more private and small group messaging will be at the forefront of social media in an effort to promote privacy.

Facebook has been growing Messenger for businesses with the introduction of chat-bots several years ago. Now, they will be expanding on that with lead generation templates to ensure bots ask people standardized questions and receive a specific response. These templates will be accompanied with seamless hand-off to a customer service representative or scheduling for a phone call or appointment. Today, chat-bots do not work well with open ended questions.

Facebook is also testing appointment scheduling in Messenger. Later this year Messenger will also have a desktop app available that will mostly focus on chats, audio, and video communications.

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Google, Facebook , Messenger
5/2 – This Week In Digital Advertising