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{4/11} This Week In Medical Advertising 

  1. Facebook to updates terms of use: Users of the social media platform will now have a clear idea of what is happening with their data in updated terms and conditions. These updates came about from pressure from the European Commission who is responsible for the implementation of the broader data protection laws (GDPR) that were rolled out last year.As a part of Facebook’s effort to be more transparent these updated terms will reflect major changes that explicitly says “that Facebook does not charge users for its services in return for users’ agreement to share their data and to be exposed to commercial advertisements.” The company has agreed to now “clearly explain that their business model relies on selling targeted advertising services to traders by using the data from the profiles of its users.” Facebook has also changed positions on third-parties misusing its platform by saying they acknowledge responsibility in case of negligence for third-parties in the platform. The European Commission will be monitoring the social media giant to make sure these changes have been implemented worldwide by the end of June 2019. If you are interested in more about these updates read more at Mashable
  2. 20 SEO Tips for Success on Google: Looking to get your local business found on Google? There are several things that can be done to help make your site a success. First check your local citations including your company name, address, and phone number and make sure they are accurate on your website. Make sure your business has a Google My Business location and upload images of your location, times you are open, and specific services you offer.  Link building is another important part of local SEO. It can help your business get found for the specific services you offer and which location has them if multiple locations apply. Your business site needs to have a mobile first approach when it comes to design of your site. This will improve your customer experience and help with conversions. Our team is available to work with you on SEO optimizations. If you want to read the full list of optimizations check out the infographic available here

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4/11 – This Week In Medical Advertising