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{4/4} This Week In Medical Advertising 

  1. Bing Ads launches new action extensions: Bing Ads have added active extensions. This will allow marketers to highlight a clear call-to-action on text ads. There are over 70 different calls-to-action to feature. Action Extensions are available in all Bing Ads markets on both PC and mobile devices. When an ad has a call-to-action this helps promote users to take action and do something once they reach your website. This can range from a download, signup, purchase or a special offer. It’s always a good idea to feature a call-to-action on ads. Our team can work with you to make sure the messaging is correct.
  2. The Power of Empathy in Medical Marketing: Empathy is a powerful tool in the marketing world. Showing empathy in your medical marketing strategy can grab the attention of a potential patient and encourage a conversation. Empathy in your advertising can start to build a fountain of trust which can foster a long-term relationship between your practice and the patient. Video is a great medium to use that helps demonstrate empathy. By featuring real people going through an experience in an online video ad or television commercial it can not only highlight your services, but offer a feeling of authenticity. Share these videos across all your channels to help promote your multi-channel marketing strategy. This approach will start to build a relationship with potential patients and set your practice apart from competitors.

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4/4 – This Week In Medical Advertising