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{3/7} This Week In Medical Advertising 

  1. Marketing Campaigns –When your business decides to run a marketing campaign it’s important to know your goals and understand them. If you’re having trouble deciding on goals here are some common campaign goals. Brand awareness is usually one of the top goals for a campaign and can be measured in several different ways including engagement, site traffic, and click-through-rate. Engagement with creative is another goal that can be measured through video completion rates and click interactions with images. Lead generation is another great KPI to measure. OppGen will work with together with you to help generate leads for your specialized business. Read more here.
  2. Google Business Profiles – Google continues to ad new ways for businesses to appear in search results. Google has introduced a new section for special offers to help people find promotions on Business Profiles. Google has been focused on giving more control to the business on their Google listings. Read more about the latest Google updates here.

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3/7 – This Week In Medical Advertising