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{3/14} This Week In Medical Advertising 

  1. Google My Business and SEO – Google has added more features for local business listings. Reviews are becoming increasingly more important. When choosing between businesses, more than 50% of customers pass on companies with less than a 4-star rating.  If a review of your business contains keywords surrounding your business this will increase your SEO ranking. Engagement is also an important component for local business listings. There is a Q and A section where customers can leave questions about the business. It’s important to answer these in a timely manner to boost engagement. Read more about local reviews and SEO.
  2. Digital Ad Spend Continues to Grow – For the first time, companies will spend more on digital advertising than on traditional mediums such as TV and print. By 2023, digital will surpass two-thirds of total media spending. As our attentions shift to digital our advertising will shift with it. Read more about this milestone in advertising.

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3/14 – This Week In Medical Advertising