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medical marketing blog

by OppGen

{3/28} This Week In Medical Advertising 

  1. 37% of Mobile Traffic Worldwide comes from YouTube: YouTube is beating the competition when it comes to mobile. 37% of all mobile traffic from around the world comes from YouTube. Users are looking for short and concise content on mobile devices. Longer shows and movies work better on a desktop or television screen. The next closest competitor is Facebook with 8.4%. YouTube is a great platform for showing ads to potential leads. Similar to a pay-per-click campaign, video ads can be targeted to a specific location you choose. Video marketing can help build your brand identity. Of course, any content released should be HIPPA compliant. This is only one piece of the puzzle of your overall healthcare marketing strategy. YouTube and website SEO and help your clinic digital platforms gain more users. 70 percent of watch time on YouTube is driven by YouTube’s own recommendations. Staying on top of YouTube SEO can help your video content into targeted areas. Contact our team today for a free digital assessment to learn how we can evaluate your current online efforts and deliver actionable recommendations. 
  2. How to Drive Traffic using Instagram Bio: You’ve seen the copy before such as “click the link in the bio” and the link takes you to a website or article. Instagram is a great platform to help drive traffic to your website. Make sure your bio copy is working hard to drive your followers to click that link. Use this section to help promote other pages of your website and helpful documentation for potential new patients. They are searching and seeking answers so including a link to your blog could be a great way to get new website traffic. If you’re looking to add new patients it can also be helpful to include a link to patient forms or direct information about your clinic. By just sending users to your homepage they might never convert or fill out forms. As part of your social strategy you can include content that will grab the attention of the end-user and instruct them to click the link to either a patient follow up form or something else that aligns with your business goals. By partnering with an agency such as OppGen, we can help you navigate the world of digital marketing. We work with hundreds of specialized clinics to build ad campaigns to help gain new patient leads.  

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medical marketing blog
3/28 – This Week In Medical Advertising