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On August 17, 2020, Google announced that Chrome 86 will start to crack down on websites that send forms via HTTP protocol and not HTTPS. This also includes websites that have mixed forms — forms on HTTPS sites that do not submit over HTTPS.

Chrome 86 will deter its users from submitting forms over non-HTTPS protocol by disabling its autofill feature and alerting users that these forms are not secure. When users ignore the first warning and submit a mixed form or form over HTTP, they will also see a full page warning that alerts them to the risks of submitting that form. 

For those using forms for lead generation, this update may result in fewer earnings and leads generated.

Chrome 86 is expected to be released October 6, 2020, but its beta release is currently scheduled to roll out during the first week of September. This means website developers have a little over a month to ensure all forms on their sites are migrated to HTTPS to protect users’ privacy and data.

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Time to Switch to HTTPS: Google Chrome 86 to Disrupt Sites with Insecure Forms