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by OppGen

By now, you and your coworkers have probably spent all morning discussing and rewatching the latest Super Bowl LIV ads. As it turns out, your favorite commercials are all probably very different from their favorites. 

Maybe a coworker liked one that was more emotional. A different coworker found one commercial hilarious while another didn’t even crack a smile while watching it.

Even in a workspace that specializes in marketing might find itself divided over what the best commercial was the day after the Super Bowl. Case in point: OppGen’s employees all had very different opinions about which commercial was their favorite.


Alex Sheets, Digital Marketing Analyst

#BeforeAlexa (Amazon)

The one that made me laugh the most was the Ellen DeGeneres Amazon/Alexa commercial talking about having assistants named Alexa in different periods in history. It was well thought out and executed, and the ending was great.


Loretta (Google)

The one that made me feel something the most was the Google commercial with the old guy using Google to remind him of the great things about his wife. My grandma has Alzheimer’s, so it hit close to home and gives me chills every time I think about it.


Connor Potts, Digital Marketing Analyst

#SnickersFixtheWorld (Snickers)

My favorite was the Snickers commercial where they fed the Snickers bars to the earth because it hasn’t been a great year so far.


Tribute (Planters)

I don’t think it is a good commercial; I just think from a campaign standpoint, it is generating a lot of buzz, especially when #RIPMrNut happened.


Zain Khan, Director of Operations

Tom Brady’s Big Announcement (Hulu)

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was the Hulu commercial featuring Tom Brady. Every year, over the last at least 6 or 7 years, there has always been a debate about Tom Brady retiring from football because he is “too old” at age 42. I genuinely thought he was announcing his retirement, but he was really talking about TV dying rather than him retiring.

The relevance, simplicity, and timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect for me. Hulu took the greatest-ever to play the sport, made it seem like he was announcing his retirement, which could potentially be a bigger moment than the Super Bowl itself, and in that context, made a point about TV dying. That is creative simplicity, which was refreshing to see.


Cody Palmer, Senior Analyst

Love Takes Action (New York Life)

One that I thought was well-made and remember was New York Life. I liked how they took one word (love) and broke it down into the four Greek words for love.


Van Le, Graphic Designer

SodaStream Discovers Water on Mars (SodaStream)

I had a few shots forced on me, so I really didn’t remember much of the ads. I just remember the Mars and soda water one because it was a bit ridiculous. The rest, not so much.


Alex Francis, Developer

Inside Post’s Brain (Budweiser)


Because of the humor.


Sydney Schulte, Content Writer

Heroes (Toyota)

OK, I’ll admit: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. But I did watch just about every 2020 Super Bowl commercial for this blog post, so I think it’d be a mistake to not contribute. As a self-proclaimed geek who’s spent an unhealthy amount of time mourning the losses of characters in TV shows and movies who sacrifice themselves so everyone else can live, I really appreciated Toyota’s commercial. It poked fun at that overdone valiant sacrifice trope with the most unlikely hero of all: Cobie Smulders behind the wheel of a Toyota Highlander — the ultimate soccer mom car.


Alonzo Foreman, Partner

Groundhog Day (Jeep)

My top Super Bowl ad this year was Groundhog Day from Jeep. For me, it connected emotionally seeing Bill Murray reprise his role as Phil from the iconic film, but with a modern-day twist. It does a fantastic job of reinforcing the company’s value proposition while still offering an experience that’s light-hearted and fun. And most importantly, I remembered the product and the brand!


And the award for the best Super Bowl LIV commercial goes to…

When it really comes down to it, it may be impossible to determine the best commercial. That hasn’t stopped USA Today from running its Super Bowl Ad Meter, which ranks what it considers to be the best Super Bowl commercial. Ad Meter scores ads using the average of a panel’s rating. This year’s top-ranked commercial? Jeep’s Groundhog Day.


Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube © Jeep

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The Best Super Bowl LIV Commercials, According to OppGen