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A female lawyer meets with two marketing agency representatives

by OppGen

One of the most challenging aspects of marketing for law firms is determining the true cost of acquiring a case. Industry averages aren’t always applicable because the cost to acquire traffic or leads varies significantly depending on your geographical location or competition.

Why is cost per case acquisition important to a law firm?

Anytime a law firm is being asked to invest heavily in digital advertising, the concern is always the return on investment. Extrapolating a ROI number versus actual ROI may vary at the end of the day but it is important to set a baseline.

This baseline ROI allows a law firm to be more confident with the way their advertising dollars will be invested online.


By asking a few simple questions in our intake form, we can report back on these numbers at no cost to your law firm.

Step 1: Acquiring Details

We use the information you have provided to do research on Google search to determine how much demand exists for relevant keywords in your market on a month over month basis.

Step 2: Analyzing numbers

We then determine the average cost to acquire those pockets to traffic and how well we are able to convert them into leads. Leads are not cases so there is a margin of unqualified leads left out of it as well.

Step 3: Report back

Once we have all the details ready, we share a report with your law firm that includes the cost per case sign up in your local market. We are also able to calculate a return on investment figure depending on your average revenue from a case sign

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A female lawyer meets with two marketing agency representatives
Determining The Average Cost Per Case Sign Up In Your Local Market