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Facebook to Remove Reach Estimates for Custom Audiences

Due to recent privacy vulnerabilities discovered in its Custom Audience feature, Facebook is slated to remove reach estimates for Custom Audience targeting in the near future. The vulnerability, which allows advertisers to exploit attributes of someone included in a custom audience email list, unknowingly revealed other personally identifiable information using the ‘estimated reach’ reporting feature in Facebook’s interface. For example, an advertiser could potentially determine someone’s gender from their provided email address by watching the reach estimates round up in a specific direction.

Facebook will be fixing this issue by no longer providing potential reach numbers in any campaign that uses Custom Audiences. This also includes lookalike audiences from an uploaded list.

We will continue to monitor Facebook’s policy changes as they look for ways to improve the privacy of their user’s data. See how we manage our own paid social campaigns: https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/




New Insights for Google’s Click-to-Message Ads

Google introduced click-to-message ads in 2016, allowing customers to connect with a business through simple text messages. New performance metrics will soon be added to allow businesses to discover important details related to this ad extension. These new metrics include: ‘Chat rate’ (how often users start a conversation after seeing your message extension), ‘Chat start time’ (the timestamp for when a users sends you a message), and ‘Messages’ (total numbers of messages exchanged between you and a user within a single chat).

These new performance insights will give businesses a way to determine how compelled a user is to message them after seeing an ad, what time of day users tend to send messages, and how many messages they send per conversation.

We’re excited to begin leveraging this new data for our clients. Send us an email (marketing@oppgen.com) if you’re interested in running click-to-message ads as part of your campaign!




Bing Says Goodbye to Desktop Sidebar Ads

Starting March 26th, Bing has stopped displaying text ads from the sidebar on desktop search results. This falls in line with Google’s own decision to stop showing texts ads in the sidebar of their search results back in 2016.

Both companies have stated that removing these sidebar ads leads to an overall increase in clicks for mainline text ads. However, some Bing shopping ads will continue to appear in sidebar results depending on the search query. Additionally, a new position at the bottom of the page will now be opened up for a text ad to be displayed.

Learn how we work with Bing ads: https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/


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Monthly Newsletter – April 2018