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Monthly Newsletter – November 2018

The Future Is Here With Targeted Mobile Ads

Car companies may begin leveraging their customer data more strategically in the near future. Targeted automobile advertising could be paving a new avenue for advertisers to get their message across by cross-referencing shopping, dining and entertainment data. This massive collection of customer data would allow advertisers to serve more relevant ads at a hyper-targeted level. Since recent studies reveal that radio is still listened to by more than half of millennials on a daily basis, it could take on new life with targeted automobile ads.


Bing’s Competition Tab Offers New Insights

Bing Ads has rolled out its new Competition tab in the web interface globally as of this week. First introduced in September, it offers several ways to view your competitive landscape on the platform as well as machine learning-powered recommendations for gaining the upper hand.

The Competition tab surfaces Audience Insights reporting in the UI more clearly and takes it to the next level. The Audience Insights view defaults to showing how your impression share has been trending against the competition

Learn more about how we utilize Bing ads at: https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



Bing Ads Editor Now Supports In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences, currently available only in the US, are comprised of people deemed to be in the process of making a purchase in a particular product or service category. Bing Ads’ algorithms take into account numerous purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft properties.

In Bing Ads Editor, you can create, change and delete in-market audience associates and negative associations across multiple ad groups.


By OppGen

Monthly Newsletter – October 2018

Reach Leads In The Consideration Phase With Quora Ads

Any time you research something on Google – whether it’s restaurant reviews, product reviews, medical clinic reviews, etc.  – you’re really looking for content that will satisfy your most basic questions in a simple and concise way.

Quora is a Q&A platform that allows experts in their fields to give answers to relevant user questions. The platform is mainly used for answering questions around the who, what, when, where, how – or what marketers refer to as the upper funnel.

Although still relatively new, Quora allows brands to get their name out front where it matters most – in the consideration phase. Advertisers can choose text or image ads to display content related to certain keywords, topics, or even exact questions.

We believe including Quora as part of a full-funnel strategy can give clients an edge over their competition at the highest level.

Want to know more about how we can use Quora ads for your company? Shoot us a message at http://oppgen.com/contact.


Take Advantage of Remarketing Lists and Similar Audiences

Any good marketing strategy always includes remarketing. But when it comes to finding new prospects who haven’t interacted with your brand at all before, similar audiences can play a very beneficial role in reaching them.

Similar audiences simply use your existing remarketing lists to match new prospects who mimic the interests and behaviors of those you’ve already collected. This means you’re already targeting people who are more qualified for your services than others since they closely resemble your remarketing list. In other words, you aren’t marketing your services blind.

Whether you’re using Google or Facebook, both platforms have robust capabilities for creating similar audiences that will ultimately increase your lead volume.

Interested in how we utilize this strategy? Head on over to https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



Facebook To Release First-Party Cookie Option for Ads

Facebook will soon release a first-party cookie option for advertisers in order to capture cross-browser analytics data. Previously, popular browsers such as Safari and Firefox blocked third-party cookies. Now that Facebook is releasing a first-party cookie option, advertisers will now be able to better trace web activity and ad attribution across multiple browsers.

Facebook says the solution will enable continued ad targeting that allow advertisers to show website visitors products or services they viewed when they’re on Facebook — as well as measurement and web analytics.


By OppGen

Monthly Newsletter – September 2018

Which Platform Is Right For Your Business: Google Ads or Display 360?

Determining the right paid search platform for your business is critical for running a campaign that yields valuable results. With so many options to choose from nowadays, it can be difficult to understand which platform makes the most sense for your current business goals. Google Ads and Display 360 (a.k.a DoubleClick) are two of the most well-known platforms in use by businesses both large and small. To help you nail down which platform you should dive into first, we’ve created a simple outline which lays out the differences between the two:


  • Google Ads gives you access to the Display inventory and the Google Display Network

  • Display 360 gives you access to 81 ad exchanges and 75% more users than the Google Display Network with high quality web placements


  • Google Ads lets you target by zipcode geography and interests

  • Display 360 gives you everything Google Ads offers along with address matching and buying behavior from 35 third-party providers


  • Google Ads allows you to create text, image and video ads

  • Display 360 lets you create image, rich media and video ads


  • Google Ads has no minimum ad spend

  • Display 360 requires at least $10,000 in total ad spend


  • Google Ads has less accurate attribution based on multi-channel advertising

  • Display 360 has more accurate conversion data with de-duplication functionality as part of its engine


  • Google Ads has no premium inventory

  • Display 360 offers Private Market Place buying (premium inventory)

Not sure where to go from here? Shoot us a message at http://oppgen.com/contact and we’d be happy to guide you on taking the next step for creating a marketing strategy.

Remarketing Campaign Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign is remarketing. As you go about building this essential part of your marketing strategy, here are several things to keep in mind before your campaign goes live:

1. Think big, not small. Make sure that your remarketing audiences are large enough to actually retarget. Consider including users within the 60-day or 90-day windows if your audience is too small.

2. Test your standard sell message along with an up-sell message. Sometimes potential customers need an extra incentive to convert. Others may just need a simple reminder of your original offer.

3. Exclude customers who recently converted in the last 7-14 days. Although some previous customers may convert again in a short amount of time, it’s better to spend your budget on targeting those users who have not yet converted.

4. Think about including visitors from as long as 9 months or a year ago. Getting your brand name in front of them again may provide valuable results to your marketing efforts.

5. Keep other marketing channels in mind. Creating campaigns for users who visited your site from specific channels is a great way to gain insights on how each channel performs for your business.

6. Don’t set a huge budget aside for remarketing. In fact, if you’re creating your very first remarketing campaign, you won’t need to set any extra budget aside. Once your efforts gain more traction, you can evaluate if spending more on remarketing makes sense for your business.



Google Launches New Responsive Display Ads

Google recently introduced a new ad type referred to as ‘responsive display ads’ (RDA). These ads will be available as a new default ad type for the Google Display Network. Responsive display ads will let advertisers upload up to 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions, and 5 logos. Google’s machine learning algorithm will test different combinations of these elements to find the best performing combination for your campaign.

To find out how we utilize display ads for our search campaigns, head on over to http://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising.


August 2018 Newsletter Image

By OppGen

Monthly Newsletter – August 2018

How To Get The Most From Those High LinkedIn CPCs

It’s a well known fact that LinkedIn has some of the highest cost-per-clicks among the top digital advertising platforms. Although this can steer many businesses away, there are several strategies for getting the most out of your budget.

First, it’s important to develop a highly refined target audience using LinkedIn’s targeting options. Second, you should include important UTM tagging parameters so you can build a retargeting list specifically from those who originated from your LinkedIn campaign. Now you’ll be set to use your UTM parameters within other advertising platforms like Facebook, Google or Bing. This will ultimately create a more efficient retargeting list so you’re not wasting dollars on irrelevant audiences.

Learn how we utilize LinkedIn ads: https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/



Google Updates Its Search Quality Rating Guidelines

In an effort to increase relevant content to its users, Google has recently updated its search quality rating guidelines. With over 10,000 human search quality raters worldwide, these new guidelines are designed to give more priority to highly accurate and authoritative content over clickbait and conspiratorial content. These recent changes reflect Google’s latest push to focus more on spotting fake news, biased or upsetting content.



Google Adds “People Also Search For” Box to Paid Search Results

Previously only displayed in organic search results, Google has recently extended the “people also search for” box beneath paid search ads. When one of these search recommendations is clicked, a new search is triggered for the chosen keyword. This recent addition will be helpful to both advertisers and users who are looking for more relevant search queries.


By OppGen

Monthly Newsletter – July 2018

Google AdWords Is Now Google Ads

Google is going through more rebranding, this time with the name of their infamous advertising platform. AdWords will now simply be called Google Ads – in Google’s newest effort to unify all of the campaign types and audience targeting they now offer. 

Some people have speculated that name change is Google’s way of signalling the death of desktop traffic. But the latest rebranding really just encapsulates the new era of cross-device advertising which is now critical for any successful business.



Strategic PPC Audience Targeting

Audiences are an important tool when it comes to improving campaign performance. They allow businesses to share content to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. There are many different audience types that can be created – such as a customer match list from people who have already submitted their information, an in-market audience which consists of people actively looking for the types of services you offer, or even converting audiences (because keeping past customers engaged is just as important). Read the full article.

At OppGen, we are always looking for ways in which we can utilize custom audiences and remarketing campaigns to gather potential leads who have already showed engagement with our clients’ brands.

Interested in how we can build a custom audience for your company? Shoot us a message at http://oppgen.com/contacand we’ll get back to you ASAP.



Digital Video Advertising To Dominate The Next Decade

It’s really no surprise why video ads are becoming the newest trend which advertisers are choosing to run at an ever-increasing rate. In a time when words are becoming less and less important on the screen, video ads allow businesses to break through the infinite scroll of content that mobile devices have created. Video ads give advertisers the creative freedom to find that next piece of viral content that tends to break the internet for weeks at a time.

Want us to run your next video campaign? Head on over to https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/ to learn more about our services.


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