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by OppGen

How To Get The Most From Those High LinkedIn CPCs

It’s a well known fact that LinkedIn has some of the highest cost-per-clicks among the top digital advertising platforms. Although this can steer many businesses away, there are several strategies for getting the most out of your budget.

First, it’s important to develop a highly refined target audience using LinkedIn’s targeting options. Second, you should include important UTM tagging parameters so you can build a retargeting list specifically from those who originated from your LinkedIn campaign. Now you’ll be set to use your UTM parameters within other advertising platforms like Facebook, Google or Bing. This will ultimately create a more efficient retargeting list so you’re not wasting dollars on irrelevant audiences.

Learn how we utilize LinkedIn ads: https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/



Google Updates Its Search Quality Rating Guidelines

In an effort to increase relevant content to its users, Google has recently updated its search quality rating guidelines. With over 10,000 human search quality raters worldwide, these new guidelines are designed to give more priority to highly accurate and authoritative content over clickbait and conspiratorial content. These recent changes reflect Google’s latest push to focus more on spotting fake news, biased or upsetting content.



Google Adds “People Also Search For” Box to Paid Search Results

Previously only displayed in organic search results, Google has recently extended the “people also search for” box beneath paid search ads. When one of these search recommendations is clicked, a new search is triggered for the chosen keyword. This recent addition will be helpful to both advertisers and users who are looking for more relevant search queries.


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August 2018 Newsletter Image
Monthly Newsletter – August 2018