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by OppGen

Google AdWords Is Now Google Ads

Google is going through more rebranding, this time with the name of their infamous advertising platform. AdWords will now simply be called Google Ads – in Google’s newest effort to unify all of the campaign types and audience targeting they now offer. 

Some people have speculated that name change is Google’s way of signalling the death of desktop traffic. But the latest rebranding really just encapsulates the new era of cross-device advertising which is now critical for any successful business.



Strategic PPC Audience Targeting

Audiences are an important tool when it comes to improving campaign performance. They allow businesses to share content to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. There are many different audience types that can be created – such as a customer match list from people who have already submitted their information, an in-market audience which consists of people actively looking for the types of services you offer, or even converting audiences (because keeping past customers engaged is just as important). Read the full article.

At OppGen, we are always looking for ways in which we can utilize custom audiences and remarketing campaigns to gather potential leads who have already showed engagement with our clients’ brands.

Interested in how we can build a custom audience for your company? Shoot us a message at http://oppgen.com/contacand we’ll get back to you ASAP.



Digital Video Advertising To Dominate The Next Decade

It’s really no surprise why video ads are becoming the newest trend which advertisers are choosing to run at an ever-increasing rate. In a time when words are becoming less and less important on the screen, video ads allow businesses to break through the infinite scroll of content that mobile devices have created. Video ads give advertisers the creative freedom to find that next piece of viral content that tends to break the internet for weeks at a time.

Want us to run your next video campaign? Head on over to https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/ to learn more about our services.


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Monthly Newsletter – July 2018