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Reach Leads In The Consideration Phase With Quora Ads

Any time you research something on Google – whether it’s restaurant reviews, product reviews, medical clinic reviews, etc.  – you’re really looking for content that will satisfy your most basic questions in a simple and concise way.

Quora is a Q&A platform that allows experts in their fields to give answers to relevant user questions. The platform is mainly used for answering questions around the who, what, when, where, how – or what marketers refer to as the upper funnel.

Although still relatively new, Quora allows brands to get their name out front where it matters most – in the consideration phase. Advertisers can choose text or image ads to display content related to certain keywords, topics, or even exact questions.

We believe including Quora as part of a full-funnel strategy can give clients an edge over their competition at the highest level.

Want to know more about how we can use Quora ads for your company? Shoot us a message at http://oppgen.com/contact.


Take Advantage of Remarketing Lists and Similar Audiences

Any good marketing strategy always includes remarketing. But when it comes to finding new prospects who haven’t interacted with your brand at all before, similar audiences can play a very beneficial role in reaching them.

Similar audiences simply use your existing remarketing lists to match new prospects who mimic the interests and behaviors of those you’ve already collected. This means you’re already targeting people who are more qualified for your services than others since they closely resemble your remarketing list. In other words, you aren’t marketing your services blind.

Whether you’re using Google or Facebook, both platforms have robust capabilities for creating similar audiences that will ultimately increase your lead volume.

Interested in how we utilize this strategy? Head on over to https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



Facebook To Release First-Party Cookie Option for Ads

Facebook will soon release a first-party cookie option for advertisers in order to capture cross-browser analytics data. Previously, popular browsers such as Safari and Firefox blocked third-party cookies. Now that Facebook is releasing a first-party cookie option, advertisers will now be able to better trace web activity and ad attribution across multiple browsers.

Facebook says the solution will enable continued ad targeting that allow advertisers to show website visitors products or services they viewed when they’re on Facebook — as well as measurement and web analytics.


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Monthly Newsletter – October 2018