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by OppGen

FREE RESOURCE: Digital Lead Sales Follow-up Guide

We’ve worked diligently on putting together a comprehensive new white paper, and we’re excited to announce that it’s now available for download.

In this new guide, we’ll walk you through best practices for following up with new leads. Our experts consulted with 100+ medical clinics running our digital advertising programs to uncover the unique processes they currently leverage to convert digital leads into patients. You’ll learn how to efficiently structure your team and put a system into place that will convert new leads into patients.

Check it out: Digital Lead Sales Follow-up Guide for Medical Clinic Owners



LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Ads

LinkedIn recently announced that they will be introducing carousel ads, which will feature 10 swipeable cards of customized content. Since LinkedIn is a great channel for promoting business services, these new carousel ads will allow businesses to tell stories through several unique images, display multiple offerings, or share insights inside a single piece of content. Carousel ads typically stand out more than traditional single image ads which ultimately increase user engagement.

If you’re interested in how we can utilize LinkedIn or their new carousel ads for your business, send us a message at: http://oppgen.com/contact/




Requirements for Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Starting July 2nd, Facebook will introduce new requirements for custom audience targeting to ensure people understand why they are seeing specific ads on their feed. Part of these requirements include showing people the origin of the audience information so they know where their information was originally collected.

There will also be modifications to audience-sharing requirements, such as a custom audience being created from an existing customer file. Facebook will now require both parties to establish an audience-sharing relationship through Business Manager and agree to Facebook’s custom audience terms.

Learn more about how we utilize social media marketing at https://oppgen.com/social-advertising/.


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Monthly Newsletter – June 2018