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by OppGen

This holiday season is the perfect time of year to let you know how much we appreciate your business. We wish you a joyous holiday and a New Year filled with peace and happiness.


When Management is Over-Management

Here at OppGen, active management is the philosophy. Human eyes on your keywords, rather than automatic adjustment from an algorithm, yield greater returns than a set-it-and-forget-it approach. But while active management is the modus operandi, we’ve found that it’s critical to avoid over-managing in your bid changes. Unless you have the data to back up your changes, it’s easy to put a stop to what’s working and to double down on failing strategies.

Our approach to the problem is simple:

Document your changes.
Analyze historical data.
Adapt to changing industry trends.
View our approach to managing ads in more detail – https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



Move Over, Pay-Per-Click – Apple Rolls Out Pay-Per-Install

Apple recently introduced Search Ads Basic, targeting smaller developers who are looking to improve discovery of their apps on the App Store. Instead of paying per click, advertisers pay per installation, meaning it’s easier than ever to tie ad spend to installations.

Search Ads Basic is a simple and easy way to promote app installation on the App Store, but the classic Search Ads isn’t going the way of paperboys and MTV music videos. Rebranded as Search Ads Advanced, the classic experience lets advertisers eschew Search Ads Basic’s $5,000-per-month budget limit, and grants some extra perks as well, like international targeting.

View our process of dealing with PPC ads in more detail – https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



Targeting Life Events

Google’s expanded audience targeting features drew our attention earlier in the year, as we’ve always been interested in new ways to reach customers and think beyond just keyword bidding. As of November 29th, advertisers can now target users going through a major life event, such as college graduation, marriage, or a move through AdWords.

So far, the options are limited to Google video ads and Gmail advertising, but the expanded functionality is already making an impact. Audiences can be added as targets or exclusions on ad groups or campaigns, meaning reaching recent college graduates, new spouses or audiences on the go has never been easier.

See how to drive more engagement in your ads through life events – https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/



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DiscoverOpp Newsletter – December 2017