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Grow Your Pet Care Business

The American Pet Products Association found that in 2018, pet owners spent nearly $6.11 billion on pet care services, such as boarding, doggy daycare, wellness, and grooming — and that number is projected to keep rising. Chances are, the number of local competitors is, too.

Before deciding where to take their pets, most pet owners will turn to their smartphones or other connected devices to research where they should go. But if you’re not on the first page of search results, these pet owners probably aren’t going to contact you for your services. Pet care marketing can be a dog-eat-dog world if you’re not familiar with it. But luckily for you, we are.

At OppGen, we specialize in digital lead generation and pet care marketing for pet care services. By utilizing channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram, our unique program helps you stand out from your competitors and own your market with SEO strategies, a mobile-friendly website, and paid social media and pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. Our pet care marketing program also targets local pet owners that are actively searching for your services in a geo-targeted area. 

Reach & Convert More Pet Owners

Pet care businesses tend to offer several kinds of services, from adding on a discounted day of doggy daycare to an overnight stay to a combination of grooming and obedience training classes. 

Given our expertise in the pet care industry, we know the best package deals you should be offering the new customers we’ve helped you acquire.

Whatever services you choose to include or package, we’ll keep your website’s information up to speed and create content that’ll show all the pet owners in your area that your place is the place to go, and you have the expertise to prove it.


Pet Boarding 

Target local or vacationing pet owners seeking immediate or future boarding services for their dogs or cats. Stand out against local competitors and online options in order to acquire more new boarding customers, with our quick mobile-first websites that are optimized to help boost your search engine page ranking.

In addition to generating new customers, our pet care marketing program will help increase your average booking value by targeting existing boarding customers and offering special promotions and add-on services, like grooming, doggy daycare, and wellness options.

Pet Grooming 

Acquire pet grooming customers interested in having their fur family groomed and trimmed. Our program helps your local or national pet grooming business target prospects searching online for grooming options for their pets.

Our experts leverage their knowledge of running pet grooming campaigns across the country in order to generate more new grooming leads and maximize your ad spend. We work closely with your internal team to develop unique messages and promotions that position your grooming business above your local competition.


Pet Daycare & Day Camp 

Not every customer will have a need for pet boarding. Your pet boarding and grooming business should also be targeting people interested in placing their pets into a doggy daycare or day camp. These services can typically include add-ons, such as discounted days of doggy daycare combined with boarding, making them higher value for your pet care services.

Our specialized pet care marketing program helps you target prospects looking to place their dogs at a facility where they can run and play during the day.

Pet Walking & Training 

Does your business specialize in dog walking? If so, our program can help you acquire more customers looking for help with their pets. As people’s schedules get busier and busier, they are turning to local businesses to help offset the daily management of their pets more and more.

If your doggy daycare client is always asking if their beloved Fido or Felicia was a good dog at pick up, it may be time to consider adding an obedience training class to your services. We’ll help you market this new service so it can hit the ground running, and who knows? Maybe obedience training will become agility or service animal training later down the road.


Pet Wellness 

More and more pet businesses are including wellness packages with their current boarding and grooming services. It’s a great way to increase booking values and to keep customers coming back.

Our marketing program not only helps you get more pet wellness leads, but our experts can also recommend what wellness packages to include if your business is in the process of adding these new services.

Successful Clients

Pet Paradise wanted to start investing in digital advertising in order to dramatically grow and find new boarding customers nationwide.

Pet Paradise leveraged OppGen’s pet care marketing program to target prospects across multiple digital advertising channels, including Google and Facebook. The result of the program was 25+ new appointments a month on average per location across 20+ locations.* Some locations even saw an ROI of over 1,200%!*

By targeting people actively looking for their services, our program consistently generated high quality leads that converted into new monthly boarding and grooming customers for Pet Paradise.

How Our Pet Care Marketing Program Works

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Reach Local Pet Owners with PPC

OppGen’s PPC campaigns can find local pet owners that are searching for doggy daycare, boarding, and other pet care services in your area. Unlike radio or print advertising, our digital advertising program targets pet owners that are actively searching for your pet care services and have an immediate need.

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Retain Clients by Bringing Them Back

What sets great businesses apart from the rest of the pack is the ability to retain customers or clients. Finding new clients is important, but keeping them is equally if not more important. We can help bring back interested clients through remarketing, the process of connecting people who interacted with your website by strategically placing ads in front of them. We can also help you package services and deals for new and returning customers. Before you know it, your new customers will be your regulars.

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Set More Bookings & Provide Unique Offers

As part of every PPC strategy, we develop relevant landing pages made specifically for your business that are proven to generate real appointments.

Through our proprietary tracking system, we get your feedback on which pet owners became clients and which didn’t. We can also track the number of pets per owner and the kinds of pets owned, allowing you to provide these prospects with additional add-on offers.

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Grow Your Pet Care Business

Thanks to the rapid growth and market data our unique marketing program provides, we are able to help many of our pet care clients uncover potential growth opportunities in other markets, leading to the opening of additional locations.

Pet Care Marketing Program Guide

Learn more about our proven online lead generation program for pet boarding, grooming, wellness, and doggy daycare services.

Come Here for More Information

Stop barking up the wrong tree when it comes to digital marketing and start herding pet owners into your business with OppGen’s pet care marketing program instead. If you’re hesitant about partnering up with us, give us a chance — or at least let us do a free digital audit.

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