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holistic marketing funnel

by OppGen

Have you ever asked yourself  – What is a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy? The word holistic is thrown around a lot these days. We’re used to seeing holistic referenced with medicine or wellness. And now, it’s become a buzzword in marketing. Depending on who you talk to, you may get a different definition of what holistic marketing is. This article aims to break down OppGen’s approach to holistic digital marketing, as well as our definition of it.

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Let’s start with the most basic definition of the word. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, holistic is defined as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.”

So how does that definition apply to a holistic digital marketing strategy?


What is a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy?

A holistic digital marketing strategy is a type of digital marketing strategy that focuses your marketing strategy as a whole. Digital marketing strategies, or at least the most effective ones, utilize multiple marketing channels at the same time. 

OppGen’s holistic digital marketing strategy primarily focuses on the goal of generating leads for our clients through several digital marketing channels. We then determine which channels are most effective and pay close attention to how they feed into one another and progressively bring leads in through the marketing funnel (we’ll go into more depth on the marketing funnel further down in this article).

When we bring all of these channels together and use them in the most effective and efficient ways, our clients benefit from the leads generated from these channels. Contact us to find out how OppGen uses a multi-channel approach to generate more leads.


Best Holistic Digital Marketing Channels

Using a holistic multichannel approach to digital marketing allows us to reach more people in places where clients may not be able to find them using just one marketing channel. That said, there are many marketing channels out there. OppGen excels at working with, including:


Search Ads

Search ads come in a couple of different forms:

  • Search ads (or PPC): These are the ads you’ll see at the top and bottom on search engine results pages (SERPs) when you search for certain keywords. These ads incur a cost every time a prospect clicks on them, hence the term “pay per click” or PPC for short. These ads are great for finding prospects who are looking for a specific service in a certain area. What makes these prospects in particular so promising is that you don’t usually have to do much to persuade them to look into your service or product. They’re probably looking to buy or book an appointment and are trying to decide where to go.
  • Display ads: These ads will appear on websites outside of the search engine itself. Search engines take users’ browsing history into account as well as the context of the site they are currently visiting and will push relevant image-based ads. Display ads are most effective for retargeting, a digital marketing strategy that is used to get prospects who “bounced” from a website (that is, the action of going to a page but not taking a desired action) to return to that website and do something, like buy a product they left in the shopping cart or book a consultation.

As you can see, these search ads work better in certain contexts and can help cover more ground and find more prospects.


Social Media Ads

Social media ads are excellent for targeting very specific or niche audiences. Facebook in particular is one of the best sites to use for marketing. Their advertising program features a wide array of powerful targeting tools. You can push ads to prospects based on demographic information (sex, age, job, location) and psychographic information (their interests, hobbies, things they care about or prioritize).

Facebook offers more types of advertisements than most search engines do. They have single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and more. Facebook ads are arguably effective at every level of the marketing funnel, as the social media platform lets you create ad campaigns based on your business’s goals, from visibility to getting them to convert from prospect to lead to client or customer.



Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing strategy with the goal of getting your website to rank high on search engine results pages for certain keyword searches. Unlike search ads, there is no cost per click. It is an organic strategy, which means it doesn’t require you to pay Google or Bing or any other search engine for advertising. But it does require a bit more time and effort than search ads do. It’s well worth investing the time and effort, though, as it can bring more traffic to your site and more foot traffic into your business.

An effective SEO strategy needs to cover the following four items:

  • Technical SEO: Your website needs to be fast on all devices. If your website is slow and isn’t coded for mobile phones or tablets, you will be penalized by a lower search engine results pages ranking. OppGen creates websites and landing pages that are not only fast and mobile-first but are also optimized for high conversion rates.
  • Local SEO: Assuming your business is not a national brand or franchise, you’ll need to rank high in local search results. Search engines use prospects’ locations so they can give them the best options nearby. Setting up a Google My Business listing with a correct business name, address, and phone number is a must.
  • On-page SEO: You’ve probably heard marketers say “content is king” time and time again by now, but it is true. Crafting detailed content that’s relevant and valuable to your audience can help build trust in your brand and bring more people through the door. You can’t get away with repeating keywords hundreds of times on a page anymore, though — search engine bots can “read” closer to how we do, and keyword stuffing can work against you. Create content that is readable and easy to understand.
  • Off-page SEO: Spreading the word about your business is important, too. This means sharing content to your business’s social media pages, encouraging clients to leave reviews, and slowly building up your reputation through link building (that is, when other websites link to your site). Search engines will take notice that your content is being shared with others because it’s valuable, and that can certainly help give you a boost in the SERPs.

How Our Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy Works in the Marketing Funnel

holistic marketing funnelCertain marketing channels are more effective at different points in the marketing funnel. Those points and their most effective digital marketing channels are as follows:


Top of the Funnel: Education

Education starts with attracting the ideal audience. You want to be able to make sure prospects know about your business’s existence. Though they may not know what you do or what you offer, making sure they know your business exists is the first step.

This is where creating Facebook ads and search ads can really come in handy. You’re putting your business in front of prospects who are either interested in a service or product you offer or are actively searching for that product or service.

SEO can also be useful here, particularly from the local SEO standpoint. Setting up a Google My Business page can make it easier for businesses to show up when a prospect searches for something relevant to its offerings. As long as you show up on the first or second SERPs page, you’re more likely to be seen by prospects. And that’s an important first step!

We can help you set up a Google My Business page and keep the listing up to date by sharing any news or blog posts written by our content writer. Contact us to request more information about our SEO program.


Middle of the Funnel: Intent and Evaluation

Once prospects are aware of your business, we can start to get them more interested in what you do. They may start to research your company by checking your reviews and ratings from other clients or customers to get an idea of what they can expect.

From there, prospects will go to your business’s website, and this is where having rich content can come in handy. Once prospects visit your website, they need to be impressed by what they experience. Your website (or landing page, depending on the route they took to find your business) should look clean and professional. Your content needs to be in-depth, informative, and relevant to their needs.

Once a prospect has visited your site, you can begin to utilize display ads to keep nudging them back to your business’s website or certain landing pages on your site.

OppGen builds beautiful websites and landing pages that have been tested continuously for optimum conversion rates, and we continue to test and make sure your website is truly at its peak performance. We also have plenty of experience with display ad campaigns, so we can keep prospects interested and returning to your site as they determine whether or not you’re the best fit for them. Contact us to learn more.


Bottom of the Funnel: Consideration

At the bottom of the marketing funnel is where the prospect’s journey ends, with them converting to your newest client or customer. A conversion is that desired action mentioned earlier — it could be anything from making a purchase or scheduling an appointment or consultation or even getting them to sign up for your business’s email newsletter.

Whatever your goal is, OppGen will nurture leads through a holistic digital marketing strategy to take that action and keep more coming through the marketing funnel.


OppGen’s Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Business Meet Its Goals

As you can see, our holistic digital marketing strategy is built to strengthen your business’s marketing plan by using multiple types of digital marketing channels. When we utilize multiple channels for a client, our client tends to see an overall improvement in conversion rates and their return on investment.

To learn more about our holistic digital marketing strategy, contact OppGen today, or fill out our free digital audit so we can determine which channels would be most effective for your holistic digital marketing strategy.

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holistic marketing funnel
What is a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy and How Can It Help My Business?