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by OppGen

As part of our optimization process, we continuously evaluate demographic data for our campaigns. A recent report stated that Facebook is seeing a decline in teenage users as they flock to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. At OppGen, we view this as an opportunity, not a negative.

People ages 55 and up make up 22.5% of Facebook users, second only to the 25-34 age group. If you are a localized clinic looking to grow your high revenue generating services, Facebook is a great place to put your advertising dollars.


Google Gives Users A Way Out of Remarketing

Recently, Google’s Mute This Ad function drew our heads when it was extended to more apps and websites that function as a part of Google’s Display network. After more than 5 billion mutes from its users, Google announced that it was removing over a million ads based on the feedback they received. The implication is clear: advertisers have to be smarter than ever when it comes to retargeting. With mutes lasting up to 90 days, the consequences of pestering users with annoying, inappropriate or offensive ads have never been greater.

View our approach to managing ads in more detail – http://oppgen.com/



Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google rolled out a feature called remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Applying the same logic of remarketing, Google allows advertisers to tailor bids on search ads to target those who visited your website but did not convert. With a minimum of 1,000 cookies before the list can be used on search ads, as well as a maximum membership limit of 540 days, RLSA isn’t the Holy Grail of search we’re looking for — but its release certainly got us thinking about more ways to reach non-converting customers in the most effective, ROI-conscious and elegant ways possible.

View our process of dealing with PPC ads in more detail – https://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising/


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Monthly Newsletter – February 2018