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Conversion Chart

by OppGen

Responding to Reviews…The Secret to Better Conversion Rates?

After a 16 month study from gathered search-engine marketing data, digital marketing agency Location3 has recently published results which reveal that companies that responded to product or service reviews more often received improved conversion rates. In fact, the study shows that businesses with the highest response rate (~8.13%) saw an average conversion rate of 13.86%. We believe these findings are invaluable to our clients. In short, the more engaged you are with past and potential customers, the higher your conversion rates are likely to be. Testimonials and reviews are essential for creating a successful search campaign and landing page experience.

Learn more about our approach to high converting landing pages at http://oppgen.com/websites.




Put Automated Strategies On The Backburner

AdWords has never been lacking on the automation side of things. But for most new clients and new segment campaigns, these automated bidding strategies are often times inefficient. Whether you’re seeking to target a specific cost-per-lead, maximize clicks or maximize conversions, most campaigns typically don’t have enough data for Google’s algorithm to work at top performance. Most campaigns need – at a bare minimum – 15 conversions for an automated strategy to even work. These campaigns should also be running for at least 2 – 3 weeks. For localized or niche markets especially, automated strategies will most likely not provide the insights needed – which could instead be achieved through manual performance management.

At OppGen, we take a hands-on approach to managing campaigns to gain deeper insights and control over performance. This has allowed us to form an individualized, strategic approach for every client. Learn more about our paid search program at http://oppgen.com/paid-search-advertising.




Bing Introduces Price Extensions

Price extensions will now begin appearing on Bing text ads that appear in the top spot on desktop and mobile search results. Businesses will be able to select which products or services they want to show prices for, along with a 25-character description with each extension. One price extension will be visible from the ad and a “view more items” dropdown display will include three more listings.

Besides giving ads even more real estate, we believe these price extensions will provide more incentives for customers to follow through with their search intent.

If you’re curious to know how we can leverage these new extensions for your business, head on over to http://oppgen.com/contact and drop us a line!


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Conversion Chart
Monthly Newsletter – May 2018