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by OppGen

Yelp Ads Fail to Deliver

As specialists within the local medical segment, we’re always interested in reaching patients looking to connect with businesses near them. But while good Yelp reviews can be a great credibility booster, its self service ad platform fails to deliver.

Apart from a black-box approach to advertising, where analytics for conversions and results are largely hidden from the user, we were especially concerned to find an independent review of the service discovering that the average cost per lead is 3.3 times that of Google AdWords. In 2018, it’s hard to defend a lack of transparency on an ad channel.


Google Overhauls Search Ranking 

Beginning this July, mobile search rankings (both organic and AdWords Quality Score) are going to get a major overhaul from Google to prioritize fast-loading websites. While a focus on relevant content has never hurt anyone’s search ranking, relevance alone isn’t going to cut it anymore for mobile.

Content creators are going to have to invest in lighter pages and shorter load times if they’re going to get the same search rankings they previously enjoyed. Luckily at OppGen, we’ve always designed our landing pages to be mobile optimized while presenting relevant content.




Search Engine Optimization Is Easy and Worth It 

Ever wonder how Google ranks your page? Try checking in SEMRush or a similar search engine management tool to compare how you and your competition are doing. Search engine management tools can help you not only discover what search terms lead customers to your sight, but how your competition ranks on those keywords and phrases as well. The tools they offer are simple but critical when it comes to the race for the top ranking of the search results page (SERP), as it can mean the difference between campaigning for days and campaigning for months for the same results.

Reach out to us to see how we can help with your local SEO efforts!

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Monthly Newsletter – March 2018