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White Label SEO, An Extension of Your Agency

Your agency creates extraordinary websites and branding experiences for your clients.

You don’t want to spend resources building a team or training your existing workforce to specialize in providing SEO and content marketing services.

That’s where OppGen comes in.

Our white label SEO agency solutions enable your creative or design business to leverage our in-house SEO and content marketing experts as an extension of your team. 

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The Problem With Your Average White Label SEO Agency

Most white-label SEO agencies are sales-focused — not results-focused.

They’ll take on any client or campaign to increase their top line, even if there is little-to-no chance of success for the end client.

For them, success is a signed contract and a sales bump. They couldn’t care less if the client succeeds, and as such, their services are lackluster at best, often leading to dissatisfied clients that cancel.

The Difference: OppGen’s White Label SEO Services

Our team at OppGen is an award-winning, ROI-driven SEO agency. We offer industry-leading SEO performance and strategic content services to all of our clients — white label or otherwise.

Our agency takes a relationship- and results-first approach to building positive long-term connections and sustainable success for our White Label SEO clients.

Our SEO and content team has years of combined experience in optimizing websites, organic campaign strategies, and assets to maximize results.

Quality-First SEO

Any white label SEO agency can get your client more traffic, but is that traffic converting? We optimize for high-intent search terms with the highest likelihood of converting organic traffic to new clients and customers.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is everything in organic marketing. We kick off our white-label SEO relationships by diving into your clients’ competitive landscape to identify keyword and content opportunity gaps in the market.

Proactive SEO

While other white label SEO agencies react to search algorithm updates, our team is proactive. Google’s algorithm updates are always on our radar. We plan and adapt our SEO and content strategy accordingly so you don’t have to.

While many white label SEO agencies keyword-stuff and focus on traffic quantity — not quality — we tailor our SEO and content strategies to the client’s…

  • Specific products or services
  • Mid- to long-term business plans
  • Short-term sales goals
  • Target audience

Our proven SEO and content path to success is rooted in our white label SEO agency pre-proposal process.

To create an effective campaign proposal, our team takes a deep-dive into understanding every aspect of your clients’…

  • Business
  • Competitive landscape
  • Products or services
  • Benefits, features, and unique value propositions
  • Demographic and psychographic breakdown of their target customer

While this takes our team a considerable amount of time on the front end, this diligent process is what gives us the power to continue producing high-performing SEO and content marketing campaigns.

At OppGen, your clients are our clients. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for our white label SEO services. 

Our Process: White Label SEO Services

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1. Understand a Client’s Business and Goals

Developing a complete knowledge of the client’s business is where most white label SEO agencies fall short, which can be detrimental to your client campaigns and relationships.

Our team realizes we need to fully understand the business and its offerings to maximize SEO and content marketing results.

Mapping out the ideal customer profile and business goals allows us to design and execute high-performing SEO strategies.

We kick off the process and our relationship with a Q&A session. This gives our team a comprehensive understanding of the business, and a roadmap for our strategy.

2. Research the Industry and Online Competitors

Understanding a business’s unique aspects is vital.

Building knowledge of the industry and competitors’ organic marketing efforts allows us to know how we can position the value and voice of your client against competitors.

Researching their competitors’…

  • Keyword targeting
  • Organic ranking and position tracking
  • Online reputation
  • Website speed and performance
  • Website content
  • Customer journey
  • Technical and on-page performance gaps

…helps us establish the baseline for us to differentiate your client’s SEO and content strategy.

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3. Audit Current SEO, Content, and Customer Journey

After building the relationship and gaining a complete understanding of the client, we investigate current SEO standings and site performance.

We analyze all aspects of accounts, including:

  • Are they targeting high transactional value, high-quality keywords?
  • How are they ranking for those?
  • Which keywords or content are bringing in the most high-quality traffic?
  • What are their keyword and content gaps?
  • Do their pages convey essential information and directions for visitors to take the next step?

Our SEO audit process is critical for understanding the client’s current standings, strategy, and performance. Once we have this information, we can identify opportunities to improve performance.

OppGen’s White Label SEO Agency Services

We work closely with you to leverage your strengths and knowledge. That’s what allows us to build, execute, and track SEO and content successes.

1. SEO Strategy Development

Our performance-first SEO approach dissects the challenges, mindsets, desires, goals, and even the mental or emotional state of your target audience.

This method breaks down each part of the user journey. We know an effective SEO and content marketing strategy targets a variety of search intent types:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial

This gives us the ability to maximize a client’s ranking and visibility and conversion rates and prospect conversions.

We utilize SEO tools to break down…

  • Keyword Intent: Are these keywords used by someone fishing for information or ready to buy?
  • Search Volume: How many monthly searches are there?
  • Ranking Difficulty and Keyword Competition: Is it possible to rank for these keywords? Do we need to identify other opportunities?

2. Ongoing Optimization and SEO Management Services

Our white label SEO agency team starts tracking performance as soon as we launch a campaign.

We use a variety of industry-leading SEO and organic analytics marketing technologies as well as innovative keyword and content intelligence software to track organic performance and look for new ways to improve our results.

3. Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, and Strategic Content

We have honed our skills in facilitating beneficial user experiences and optimizing for conversions.

In working with hundreds of businesses across the country, we have seen most websites don’t meet the minimum performance standards for SEO and organic marketing. Many websites we audit lack:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Speed and fast load times
  • Intentional keyword strategies
  • Keyword synergy and support between SEO, the website, and paid marketing channels

Our team works closely with our partners to assess and augment these critical components on an ongoing basis throughout the campaign.

4. Strategic Content Creation

The problem with most white label SEO agencies and their services is that their writers either:

  • Don’t have experience in writing content for your client’s industry
  • Don’t have the time to research and understand the mechanics and dynamics of a new industry

It’s common to find SEO managers, writers, and technicians at other agencies with upwards of 100-300 client accounts they’re managing and writing content for.

That’s not the case at OppGen.

Our team’s top priorities are creating:

  • Successful campaigns
  • Positive relationships
  • Sustainable growth

As a result, we’ve been able to specialize in the industries we serve and find the time and resources to learn, process, and create content in new sectors.

Our experienced SEO writers and technicians understand how to craft compelling content that:

  • Improves ranking
  • Generates visibility
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Speaks directly to users based on their search intent

5. SEO and Content Performance Reporting

We send a personalized reporting dashboard to our clients every month. These reports are updated using real-time metrics, so you can check campaign performance anytime.

We also provide performance insights in the dashboard reports.

These insights, in conjunction with the client’s feedback on results they’re seeing in-office, are invaluable for gauging performance and adjusting campaign strategy and execution.

White Label SEO Agency FAQs

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is a digital marketing solution that allows your agency to offer and sell organic SEO services to your clients without having to hire in-house for those SEO services.

What are the Benefits of White Label SEO Services?

The primary benefit of white label SEO services is the ability to expand your services without having to hire in-house SEO staff. It also allows you to focus on your core business offerings.

What Type of Agencies Do You Partner with for White Label SEO?

We collaborate with branding, video, paid advertising, and full-service agencies that can help clients achieve the same level of strategic consulting and implementation we provide for SEO campaigns.

Is There a Minimum Spend?

We offer different pricing tiers of SEO and content marketing strategies we can tailor to your clients’ needs.

Contact OppGen to learn more about our options.

Do You Specialize in Specific Industries?

OppGen specializes in creating campaigns for:

Our systems and processes allow us to acquire a deep understanding of virtually any industry and execute successful SEO and content strategies accordingly.

Where are Your Employees Located?

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, OppGen has full-time employees working throughout the United States.

Why Should Agencies Outsource their SEO and Content Marketing?

Outsourcing white label SEO and content marketing services is a great way for agencies to expand their services without investing in the resources needed to do it in-house.

This eliminates the stress of managing contractors.

How Do You Deal with the Challenges Posed by a White Label SEO?

Establishing the scope of responsibilities and KPIs upfront is fundamental to a beneficial relationship and positive outcomes for the client.

Our white label SEO agency uses a proven process for onboarding new partners, which helps us overcome these challenges right out of the gate.

How Can You Choose a Dependable White Label SEO Service Provider?

When choosing a white-label service provider, you should consider the agency’s experience, processes, transparency, and pricing.

We offer full transparency and communication throughout the relationship and campaign development.

What Geographies Do You Service?

OppGen runs organic campaigns in the United States and Canada. We also have experience running campaigns in the EU, APAC, and India.

How Can You Choose a Good White Label Service Provider?

When choosing a white-label service provider, you should consider their experience, process, transparency, and pricing.

Who Owns the Client Relationship?

You always own the client relationship, even when OppGen is client-facing.

About OppGen

We are a Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads partner experienced in creating, managing, and optimizing marketing and advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 to mid-sized businesses. Based in Columbus, OH, OppGen is a two-time recipient of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies and named a top advertising agency by Clutch and DesignRush.