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One of the most common questions we hear from certified clinicians who are considering our lead generation program is “Why should I pay you and the shockwave device provider?” It’s a good question, and much of it comes down from a misunderstanding of what shockwave device providers offer its certified clinics.

Being a shockwave device-certified clinic essentially comes down to the shockwave device company allowing you to use the brand name of the medical device. That’s one reason many shockwave device providers require their certified clinicians to undergo training with their medical device and give them resources to educate patients about it. The last thing these providers want is for any of their certified clinicians to not know what they’re doing — it hurts their brand and reputation.

Though many of these shockwave device providers offer additional sales and marketing training, it is far from being the end-all, be-all lead generation your men’s clinic needs to grow. Once you have the marketing training from most of a shockwave device provider, you’re on your own to generate more business.

The problem with that approach is that marketing doesn’t just stop after the training. Marketing needs to be thought of as an ongoing process that needs to be continued, even when you have a steady stream of patients. You never know when that stream could dry up, and that’s when clinics start to struggle.

By partnering with OppGen, a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing men’s clinics, that is not something you need to focus on. We’ll take over the marketing for you and implement a personalized digital marketing strategy to target patients who are already looking for specific medical experts and clinicians in your neighborhood. We also offer ongoing education for our clients because just like marketing, education is something that should never stop or be put on hold.

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Marketing Agencies Actively Market Your Clinic

When you become a certified clinician and receive a listing on the shockwave device provider’s website, that’s essentially the extent of what that provider does for you in terms of actively marketing your men’s clinic. Though many shockwave device providers offer additional sales and marketing training, that training is often not enough to keep a consistent flow of patients.

Patients are the lifeblood of any clinic, and failing to properly market to them will result in a clinic’s demise. OppGen’s holistic digital marketing strategy will keep that flow of patients entering through your doors. Our strategies are tailored specifically for your men’s clinic’s needs, as no two clinics are the same.

We specialize in paid search and social advertising, SEO, and website design. Combining all of these types of marketing covers your men’s clinic and helps convert prospects to leads, and leads into patients.

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Being on a Shockwave Device Provider’s Directory Doesn’t Help You Stand Out from Competing Certified Clinics

Most shockwave device providers’ directories are location-based and give prospective patients the bare bones of information. For example, a directory listing may include:

  • The certified clinic’s name
  • The certified clinician’s name and credentials
  • A photo of the clinician or clinic logo image
  • The clinic’s address
  • The clinic’s phone number

But this does not help patients choose your specific clinic because all of these listings tend to look the same.

OppGen can help your men’s clinic stand out by designing a website for your clinic that better suits your brand and stands out from your competitors. We constantly test our websites to make sure they are optimized for high conversion rates.

On top of designing websites and digital marketing strategy options, we also offer SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, as another marketing strategy. The goal of an SEO strategy is to have your men’s clinic rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keyword searches. Part of OppGen’s SEO strategy includes a local SEO component, which entails having your clinic available on multiple listings.

While it’s great to have your men’s clinic listed on the official shockwave device provider’s website, it’s even better to have multiple listings so your clinic can be found in different places. Not everyone searching for a treatment or therapy knows it by the brand name, after all — they may be searching for more general terms or for their medical condition. Brand names don’t necessarily take either of those things into account.

But our SEO team does and uses that information to create content that will help you rank higher on SERPs and become a trusted resource for all things relevant to your offerings.

Learn more about our SEO offerings by contacting us.


Using Information Provided on the Shockwave Device Provider’s Website Could hurt Your Clinic’s Marketing Strategy and Reputation

As a premier medical marketing agency, we’ve seen far too many clients lift content directly from the official shockwave device provider’s website and use it on their clinic’s website. This is a huge problem that can damage your marketing strategy as well as your reputation, even if you have permission to use that content.

If you’re trying to build a strong SEO strategy, duplicate content is something you need to avoid. If you want to show up in a good position for relevant Google searches, you need to create original content for your website that is helpful to prospective patients.

Not only does original content show that you know what you’re doing, it also builds trust between you and your prospective patients. When marketing men’s clinics, trust is one of the biggest barriers to overcome between the patient and clinician.

That’s why OppGen, unlike many marketing agencies, has an in-house content writer who will write blog posts and pages that are original, informative, and reliable, making your men’s clinic’s website a go-to resource for local prospects.


Success Story: Prescription Aesthetics and Wellness Spa

For the first time a marketing company has exceeded all expectations. The leads generated have been quality leads. I have recommended them to many other doctors and will continue. Their staff has added additional features which have improved our response time. They even added a feature where I could listen to the calls for training my front desk staff to improve leads becoming consults.” 

— Jim Glazner, owner of Prescription Aesthetics and Wellness Spa in Birmingham, AL


Learn How to Better Market Shockwave Therapy with OppGen

At the end of the day, you’re really just paying a shockwave device provider for the right to use their brand name, not to actively market your men’s clinic.

OppGen has worked with hundreds of men’s clinics across the United States and Canada. Our experience in medical marketing served both our clients well. We’ve learned what is effective and what isn’t, and we use that knowledge to boost your men’s clinic’s performance.

Contact us today for more information or fill out our free digital audit.

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Why Use a Marketing Agency When You Pay a Shockwave Device Provider?