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Add More Appointments to Your Men’s Clinic

Men’s clinic owners know they have a tough crowd to reach. A Cleveland Clinic survey found that 72% of men would rather do chores than go to the doctor. It’s not enough to get these guys to your clinic’s homepage; and yet, many digital marketing agencies prioritize generating traffic over real-world results.

OppGen knows that website traffic alone doesn’t lead to additional appointments. What makes our men’s health lead generation programs so successful is our ability to combine enterprise-level digital marketing strategy with a unique network effect as a result of working with 100s of other local men’s clinics. To drive these campaigns, our experts leverage a combination of SEO strategies, website and landing page building, and targeted pay-per-click (PPC) and display ad campaigns to drive prospective patients into your men’s clinic.

As a HIPAA-trained digital marketing agency, we ensure that our men’s clinic program focuses on making the user experience safe and welcoming for any prospects interested in visiting a clinic to consult on their private matters.

Accelerate Your Clinic’s Growth

We believe just about anyone can drum up unqualified leads. Other agencies target audience members based on what they think will create leads. But we target visitors using what we know will create new appointments.

Your business deserves far more than just a qualified lead, which is why our team of digital marketing experts will help you generate more high-quality appointments. We generate these appointments by leveraging our client network of men’s clinics to produce the best possible return on investment.

While other digital marketing agencies offer broad services across all industries, our team analyzes the effectiveness of ad copy, ad spend, target keywords, and more data across all of our men’s clinic clients. This network effect allows us to achieve marketing performance that no individual clinic could reach on its own. We know this industry well and how to advertise in it even better.

On top of the intelligence we gain from the network, we are able to personalize our program to each client’s unique market based on factors such as competitors, value propositions, and offers.

Successful Client: The Performance Center

Randy Moore, owner of The Performance Center men’s clinic, struggled to grow his business. It didn’t help that The Performance Center was located in a highly competitive location. He did everything he could to increase patient volume: running ads in the local newspaper, attending events, running seminars, and improving The Performance Center’s website SEO.

None of these things were enough to bring more patients to his clinic.

Worse yet, the last few digital advertising agencies Randy worked with just didn’t land him the high quality leads he wanted. Why should he waste any more time and funds with digital ad agencies that weren’t worth any more of his hard-earned money?

But after hearing about OppGen’s men’s clinic marketing program, he decided to give digital advertising one last-ditch try. Maybe their knowledge and history in men’s clinic marketing might do The Performance Center some good.

It did.

After partnering with OppGen, The Performance Center started seeing 50 to 60 new appointments each month, and after an entire year, the clinic’s revenue doubled. Now, Randy’s clinic averages 44 new patients per month.

[OppGen] got us presold patients ready to book an appointment. It does not get better than that!

— Randy Moore, owner of The Performance Center

The Performance Center is far from the only men’s clinic we’ve partnered with that continues to achieve great success and improved results. 

Other clients include:

  • Charleston Testosterone
  • Functional Health Center
  • Hightower Men’s Clinic
  • Low T 99
  • Restorative Health
  • And 50+ more and still growing

How Our Program Works

Target Local Prospects with PPC

OppGen captures prospective patients that are searching for ED and Low T treatments in your target area. Unlike radio, TV, or print advertising, our men’s clinic marketing program targets prospective patients that are actively seeking treatment for their aging issues and are located in your neighborhood. This creates a focused advertising spend on relevant prospective patients who live within a reasonable distance from your clinic.

We use geotargeting, which is even more accurate than cookie-based targeting, by using an algorithm that directly matches users through their internet connections.

So why waste another dime on targeting patients who are on the other side of the United States or even the other side of the world? These types of targeting mistakes can be detrimental — not to mention expensive. 

With our agency at your side targeting local prospects, every dollar spent will be optimized for performance. 

Quality Leads for Quality Appointments

We develop websites and relevant landing pages specifically for your men’s clinic that are proven to generate real appointments.

Through our proprietary tracking system, we get your feedback on which patients became regular clients and which patients didn’t.

There is no more guessing on which one of your advertising efforts created the lead or how valuable that lead was. We’ll be able to tell you what didn’t work in the past — and more importantly, what is working now.

Since the world of digital marketing is constantly changing, we’ll ensure that your website and its content are up to date on the latest best SEO practices and strategies. This means we’ll make sure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and optimized with rich and robust content.

We’ll implement those changes so you don’t have to. You have new appointments to focus on, so leave the rest to us.

Grow Your Men’s Clinic

Thanks to the rapid growth and market data our unique program provides, we are able to help many of our men’s clinic marketing clients uncover potential growth opportunities in other markets, leading to the opening of additional clinics. It doesn’t matter if your men’s clinic specializes in Shock Wave Therapy or other treatments. We will help your clinic achieve its goals.

Men’s Health Marketing Program Guide

See how our specialized lead generation program for men’s health marketing is able to achieve a performance level no individual clinic could reach on its own with your own eyes with this free men’s clinic marketing guide.

Give Us a Trial Run

Think we’d make a good team for marketing your men’s clinic but aren’t ready to take the plunge? Torn between us and another marketing firm? Contact us today for a free digital audit

OppGen will work closely with your men’s clinic to gather the best and most accurate information to see how you can better your business’ online presence. We’re certain you’ll find working with us to be a simple, enjoyable process — and that’s just the start of what we have to offer you.

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