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Add More Appointments to Your Plastic Surgery Practice

A 2020 report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that Americans spent $16.7 billion on cosmetic procedures including plastic surgery, and it doesn’t look like these numbers will be dropping anytime soon.

As the popularity of plastic surgery procedures continues to surge, so will the number of competing plastic surgery practices. If you want your practice to stand out from the competition, you’ll need a solid marketing plan. 

OppGen, a HIPAA-trained digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing campaigns for 100s of medical clinics and services, has a digital marketing plan that can increase the number of appointments for your plastic surgery practice.

Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Other marketing and advertising firms offer broad services for all industries, but our medical marketing specialization is what allows us to improve lead generation performance that no client can do on their own. Our familiarity with the medical industry has created a powerful medical marketing network that helps us generate more high-quality appointments and produce the best possible return on investment.

We help our clients by running paid PPC and social ad campaigns, establishing their brands, building credibility, boosting visibility, improving user experience by creating websites and landing pages.

How Our Program Works

Target Local Prospects with PPC

Given that women over the age of 40 make up the majority of all cosmetic procedures, it makes sense to target that particular demographic. Rather than reach people of all ages and sexes with local TV, radio, or newspaper ads, it may be time to consider PPC ads.

PPC advertising is highly customizable, allowing you to show ads to specific demographics that have raised their hand by showing an intention to get a procedure done through Google searches. It can even be shown in certain locations during certain times of the day and week. This ensures that you’re targeting a highly interested demographic living nearby.

We’ll optimize your investment to ensure you’re getting the most out of your PPC strategy with a directly attributed return on advertising spend.

Reach More People with Paid Social Advertising

Paid social media advertising is another powerful channel we use to acquire leads. With a lower cost per click and a greater chance for impression, you can reach more people on social media than other advertising channels.

Like PPC, social media ads are easy to customize for a target audience. Unlike PPC, which tend to be text-only ads, they can be more visual and use appealing images, graphics and videos. They can also be placed within videos. Considering that 55% of people view online videos every day, it’s highly likely that your target audience will see your ad.

Remarket Your Plastic Surgery Practice

One of the most powerful strategies we utilize is remarketing, the process of bringing a curious segment of an audience back to a website with paid ads. This particular segment consists of people that have visited your website before but didn’t go beyond the homepage or did not take the next step in reaching out to your practice. This means they’re interested in what you have to offer, but they aren’t ready to buy in… yet.

That’s where we come in. That information helps us push your plastic surgery practice to the forefront of their minds with targeted ads, eventually drawing them back to your practice’s website and contacting you for a consultation.

We remarket site visitors with Google Display Ads and social media ad retargeting. Google Display Ads will show up on websites that are relevant to your services. If a visitor to your website goes to a blog post about body contouring, they will see an advertisement for your plastic surgery practice. Even if they don’t click on the ad, they will be more likely to return to your practice’s website.

Social media ad retargeting works similarly to Google Display Ads, except that ads won’t show up on any relevant websites, but they will be shown on a visitor’s social media feeds instead.

Give Your Website a Facelift

Having your plastic surgery practice’s website rank high on Google is incredibly important. More and more people are using Google as a starting point for finding services they’re looking for, and that means you need to have a website that’s SEO-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of getting your website to rank high on Google or Bing organically (that is, without paying). If your website is slow and doesn’t load well on mobile devices, that’s two strikes against your website having a higher ranking.

A third strike you might have going against your website is credibility. For many people, your website is their first impression of you and your practice. If your website is poorly constructed and looks unprofessional, prospects are likely to bounce and look elsewhere for plastic surgeons in their neighborhood.

That’s why we build beautiful websites and landing pages that are optimized for speed and mobile use, but that’s not all. Our sites have been proven to generate real appointments leads. With our proprietary tracking system, we can see which prospects responded and which didn’t. We can tell you which ad campaigns were successful and which weren’t. This data-driven feedback can help us make adjustments to ensure a more successful marketing campaign.

We create individual landing pages for each service you offer: body contouring, dermal implants, breast augmentations, and so forth. Creating a customized user journey for prospects helps them find your business and makes them more likely to convert to a patient.

Create & Implement Lead-to-Patient Nurturing Strategies

Whenever a prospect submits information through a lead tracking form on your website, we’ll send an email your way. Our lead nurturing emails help remind you to follow up and engage with your leads. Doing so will keep your brand at the top of their minds and progressively drive them back to your website.

Augment Your Plastic Surgery Practice’s Growth

These digital marketing strategies can help boost your plastic surgery practice’s visibility and increase the number of appointments. Though these strategies take time to implement, we’ll be with you as long as you need us. We stay on top of the latest industry changes and updates and adapt your tailored marketing plan to ensure that you, too, stay on top of things.

Reconstruct Your Plastic Surgery Practice’s Marketing Plan

For many people, going under the knife is terrifying. But once they come out of surgery, they tend to feel better.

We understand that changing up your plastic surgery practice’s marketing strategy is scary, but we’re sure that once we’ve made those changes, you’ll feel better about where your practice stands. That’s why we start small, with our free digital audit.

We’ll assess what your plastic surgery practice needs in order to succeed. Should you choose to partner with us, you’ll see just what our data-driven marketing plan can do to add more appointments to your plastic surgery practice and improve your ROI.

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