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Add More Appointments to Your HRT Clinic

The global hormone replacement therapy (HRT) market was valued at $4.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to be worth $6.3 billion by 2024. As the U.S. population continues to age, HRT clinics’ treatments will become more and more valuable — and more and more competitive. It’s imperative that your clinic stands out from the growing competition, and there’s no better way to get ahead than with a digital marketing strategy.

As a HIPAA-trained digital marketing agency, OppGen specializes in creating marketing campaigns for medical practices, like HRT Marketing. We successfully combine digital marketing strategies with a network effect from working with 100s of local clinics. We generate leads using a combination of SEO strategies, targeted PPC and paid social campaigns, programmatic advertising, and website and landing page development.

We’ve learned a lot in our experience from marketing HRT clinics, particularly when it comes to targeting different audiences with unique needs.

Women’s HRT

Most women who are seeking HRT or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) are struggling with menopause symptoms — something every woman goes through later in her life.

As a result, our HRT marketing program targets peri- and/or post-menopausal women. For BHRT, we emphasize that it’s a natural treatment option for menopause symptoms as opposed to HRT’s synthetic hormones.

Men’s HRT 

Men are tougher to get into your clinic than women are. A survey from the Cleveland Clinic found that 72% of men would rather do chores than see their doctor. When you take into account that low T is something men are ashamed of, it makes it even more difficult to persuade them to consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or BHRT.

That’s why we take an approach that focuses on men who aren’t feeling manly. Our landing pages and ads remind them that low T is a medical condition that’s not their fault, but also that there are medical practitioners out there who can help.

Accelerate Your HRT Clinic’s Growth

Anyone can come up with unqualified leads or draw traffic to a website, but we target potential clients who will schedule an appointment with your HRT clinic. High-quality leads generate high-quality appointments. Our digital marketing experts use the data collected from our medical marketing network of clients to produce the best possible return on investment.

We analyze the effectiveness of ad spend, keywords, advertising copy, and demographic data for all of our clients, allowing us to achieve a level of performance that no clinic could reach by itself — all while creating a tailor-made digital marketing strategy for your HRT clinic.

How Our Program Works

Target Local Prospects with PPC & Paid Social Ads

Depending on the kind of HRT your clinic offers, your targeted audience can be very different. If your specialty is TRT, you don’t want to target ads for women; you’ll focus on creating advertisements for men. You also won’t be focusing on younger generations, so why use advertising methods that aren’t ultra-focused? Local TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements have reach, but they aren’t specific enough.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be shown to audiences in very specific locations during certain times and days of the week — and paid social media advertisements can be even more specific and accurate for reaching your target audience. Why would you run a TV ad throughout the entire state when you can create a PPC ad for women over the age of 45 located in a 15-mile radius of your clinic’s city or town?

PPC helps you find clients who are already seeking out HRT, which means there’s a greater chance they’ll contact your clinic for an appointment. It also ensures you’re investing in a way to reach your ideal demographics.

Rank Higher on Search Result Pages with SEO

One of the first places people turn to when searching for a service is a search engine, like Google or Bing. People commonly follow up what they’re searching for with the phrase “near me,” and search engines are smart enough to use a person’s location to display the nearest service(s).

But if your HRT clinic isn’t on the first page of the search results, that’s a problem. Most people don’t go beyond the second (or even more rarely, the third) search results page. Should that be the case for your HRT clinic’s website, it’s time to start working on search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

If you want to be found locally, setting up a Google My Business account is the first step. Next up, creating content. Given that Google’s search algorithm reads more like how we do, the quality of your content is also an important ranking factor. Keyword stuffing simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Our content writer can create informative blog posts about the ins and outs of HRT, making your HRT clinic the best place to go for both information and treatment.

Implement Lead-to-Patient Nurturing

Whenever a prospect submits information through a lead tracking form on your website, we’ll send you an email as a reminder to follow up with your leads. Engaging with leads will keep your brand at the top of their minds and continue to drive them back to your website until they hopefully convert to becoming an HRT patient.

Grow Your HRT Clinic with a Positive First Impression

Like it or not, people do judge books by their covers. The same goes for your website. If your website loads slowly and isn’t mobile-friendly, people will avoid it and search engines will lower its search results page rank.

It’s not enough for your website to be fast and mobile-friendly. Your website is the first impression your HRT clinic will have on many prospects. If it looks cluttered and is difficult to navigate, people won’t go to your site, let alone your business. Any disconnect between your service and the consumers’ expectations will almost always result in a low conversion rate.

If these are departments where your website needs improvement, we’ll build your HRT clinic a sleek new website that loads quickly and looks great on just about every device in existence. We also develop landing pages for PPC campaigns that display your brand, tone, feel, and more. With the help of our proprietary tracking system, our landing pages have been proven to generate leads.

Sample Our Services with a Free Digital Audit

We are confident that we can find high-quality leads that will convert to high-quality appointments for your HRT clinic. More importantly, we want you to be confident in what we do, which is why we offer HRT clinic owners a free digital audit.

Using the information you provide us in the audit, we will work closely with you and your HRT clinic to see how we can improve your business’s digital presence.

Don’t wait around any longer. Fill out the audit today or contact us for more information.

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