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Accelerate Your Podiatry Practice’s Growth

In a survey, the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 77% of Americans experience foot pain, but only a third will seek treatment. The same survey discovered that 48% of people would use a search engine to answer questions about foot health before considering visiting a podiatrist and 50% want to know where to find the best podiatrist in their area.

These surveys reinforce the many lead generation opportunities available to your podiatry clinic.

As a HIPAA-trained digital marketing agency, OppGen specializes in marketing campaigns for medical practices, just like your podiatry practice. Our success comes from our ability to combine digital marketing strategies with a network effect from working with hundreds of local clinics. We generate leads using a combination of SEO strategies, targeted PPC and paid social ad campaigns, programmatic advertising, and website and landing page development. 

Find Your Footing with Our Podiatry Marketing Strategy

Your podiatry practice is struggling to generate enough leads or your marketing is not producing enough quality prospects and sales. Don’t settle for working with just any marketing agency. 95% of our clients came to us after partnering with another agency because we produce better results by focusing on the customer journey and sales process. It’s not enough to just drive traffic to your website; you want to bring in high-quality leads to your clinic’s physical location.

Our team of digital marketing experts will help you generate more high-quality podiatry appointments with pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO services. We generate these appointments by leveraging our medical marketing client network to produce the best possible return on investment.

How Our Program Works

Target Local Prospects with PPC & Paid Social Media Ads

The days of newspaper ads and TV and radio commercials are (almost) over. If you want to get more patients, you need a personalized approach. You need a digital advertising strategy.

PPC ads can be tailored to specific audiences and locations during certain times of the day and week, and paid social media ads can be even more specific and accurate to reach your target demographic. This makes it easy to find prospects living right in your neighborhood.

Members of our team create highly targeted ad copy, which will make your practice stand out from competitors using automated copywriting services.

When we combine PPC and paid social ads with the landing pages we develop, new prospects will begin to convert into appointments.

Create an SEO Strategy From Head to Toe 

When people are seeking out services or information, they’ll almost always turn to an internet search first. The fact that 48% of people use search engines to find out more about foot health before thinking about visiting a podiatrist can give you an advantage… as long as your website ranks high in the search results.

Chances are, however, your site probably doesn’t rank high or even on the first page. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is a long-term strategy that can help boost your podiatry practice’s digital visibility. 

Our SEO strategy covers everything from head to toe: technical SEO, local SEO, and on- and off-page SEO. We tackle your website’s design and speed issues, set up a Google My Business account, and create authoritative and educational content. All this and more can make your site stand out and bring people to your site through organic (that is, unpaid) searches.

Nurture Your Leads to Become Podiatric Patients

Whenever a prospective podiatric patient submits information through a lead form on your website, we’ll alert you with an email. Our lead nurturing emails work as reminders for you to follow up and engage with your leads, which will keep your brand at the top of their minds and progressively drive them back to your website.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

First impressions matter. If your website is the first thing a prospective patient sees, it needs to look sleek, professional, and consistent. It needs to run smoothly and quickly across different devices. If your website lacks any of these qualities, it’s also taking a hit SEO-wise.

Should any of that ring true, we’ll build you a mobile-first website that still maintains your current branding from scratch. Our sites have been proven to improve conversion rates. They also track leads and clicks, so we can gather more data on prospective leads.

Contact Us

We are confident in our ability to find high-quality leads for your podiatry practice. It doesn’t matter if your clinic specializes in alternative treatments for plantar fasciitis or traditional ones for diabetes-related foot issues; we can generate leads for both.

If you want to sample what we can offer, start by filling out a free digital audit.

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